Sunday, 21 November 2021

How I See the Rittenhouse Situation Playing Out

 Whatever money that Nick Sandmann has made off lawsuits of news organizations insulting him....I see Rittenhouse making twice the amount of Sandmann.

Who to sue?

1.  CNN/MSNBC to start with.  

2.  WaPo and the NY Times probably did enough insults with the term 'White Supremist' to get them on the list.

3.  President Biden?  Yeah....he's got a comment or two.  He'll be dragged in for insults.

4.  The Hollywood crowd?  They will be shocked with court documents arriving at their door and offering them a one-time chance to settle.  Some will swear off social media for the rest of their lives after they settle.  

5.  Facebook/Meta and Twitter?  Based on content and them not using their 'God-given' powers?  They will be in court as well.

6.  Finally, the GoFundMe crowd, who prevented fund-raising for Rittenhouse....will find themselves dragged in.

7.  The political crowd who started up on Friday suggesting they will get the Attorney General hyped up to do an FBI investigation on 'other' charges?  They will be dragged into court.  Even the FBI agents who attempt to conduct an investigation.....will be dragged into court. 

There's just tons of money laying there, and this could go on for five to ten years.  Lawyers just standing there in shock of the easy work....the cash to flow?  It'll bring tears to their eyes.

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