Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sect & the 21 Wives

So this is what we know about Wendell Loy Nelson, from out in west Texas. Wen is 67 years old and one hell of a macho man. From sect news.....we now know....that Wen has 21 wives. One is up near 80 years old and the youngest is 24 years old.

Now, I'm a humble guy and willing to go along with a fellow a long ways....but when it becomes apparent that some idiot has got 21 wives.....something is wrong with the guy. An honest guy can admit that a wife, a mistress, and maybe one girlfriend is possible....but when you run around and claim 21 wives....and no telling how many mistresses.....there's some kind drugs involved or else you'll lying a good bit.

Wen is likely doing a hell of alot of Viagra...just killing himself daily.....if there are 21 women.

My honest suspicion? I'm thinking Wen is a damn good liar and telling those deacons there at the sect this stuff....and they get all pumped up that Wen is one heck of a good member in standing with the sect.....but honesty....Wen is probably doing good with just three or four women, who put wigs and run around pretending to seven different women each.

If you just do the math, Wen has to get up and visit at least three women daily and have "relations", and tomorrow.....get up and repeat this whole thing. And for a 67-year old guy.....something just ain't natural about this.

I'd be telling Wen to settle back....just accept one wife, one mistress and maybe one girlfriend. Thats enough for Tony Soprano....and we ought to all accept Tony's vision of "just enough" and no more. These sect guys are on the road to doom.....to doom, I tell you!

Bogus Indians?

Out in Utah last week.....a federal judge order four dudes to pay $63k for pretending that they are "real" Indians. Apparently, the supposed tribe, the Wampanoag tribe, who were supposedly friendly to the Pilgrims.....were adopted by these four guys who met at some restaurant and decided to run this scam. They even sent out letters to the state of Utah, and attempted to make their own driver's licenses. The group leader, Dale Stevens, is 69 years old and lives pretty far out in the boonies there in Utah. So far, he has had no comment about this. I'm doubting any of the four have $69k and this might be a difficult thing to collect.

This does bring up the issue of who is Indian and who isn't. I'm pretty sure some government agency is monitoring the Indianian situation in the US and can tell you precisely who is Indian and who isn't. If there isn't.....then we've got a problem.

Based on tribal rules and ethics of the American Indians.....any group of young guys who are Indians could break off and start their own tribe.....at least the rules from four hundred years ago. I'm guessing that the US government took a rule or two.....and said that you got 88 tribes and 300 reservations....and thats as far as we go.....just my humble guess.

The interesting thing about these four guys.....they met at some fast-food breakfast establishment, and basically drew up the entire idea while sitting there and eating waffles and bacon. This is my kind of planning operation, and I would have enjoyed assisting the fellows in such a endeavor.....provided I got blueberry waffles. I might have done this a bit more serious and actually required Indian dress and the riding of horses.....to make things realistic. I'm guessing the four guys didn't want to go that far, and preferred Ford F-150 truck to riding a horse. In any case, the game is over, thanks to the white man's court system again. Even a bogus Indian can't win.