Thursday, 3 October 2019

Priorities That Changed

Having grown up in the South during the 1960s and's an odd thing to admit today that you never thought much about a defensive posture for your farm or home. 

Among my top ten worries in 1975 (being 16)?

1.  Snakes
2.  Lightning storms causing a tree to fall upon the house
3.  Another 1973 gas crisis
4.  A hailstorm destroying the crop of soy-beans
5.  Ministers going beyond noon on some hyped-up sermon
6.  Tornado watches
7.  Tornado warnings
8.  Wild dogs
9.  Mad bulls
10. Brakes going out on the 20-year-old farm truck

Nowhere in that list, do you see a reason for anyone to worry about meth-heads, home break-in's, home invasions, paranoid schizophrenic folks, or physical violence (other than the mad bull thing). 

After the 1990s, when I'd come to visit or just look at news reports from the'd notice this unusual event, or this meth-head attacking someone.  Murders started to be noted for crazy reasons. 

So in this past decade, people evaluate their situation (even in a rural setting) and they go to be armed.

Cops like the AR-15.  Private citizens also like the AR-15.  Chief reasons?  It's light, effective, easily to reload, and doesn't fail.  I emphasize the 'doesn't fail' term....because if awakened at 2 AM....if confronted, you just don't want a weapon to fail.

Shotguns?  We've gone in the past thirty years way beyond the standard double-barreled shotgun.  Eight shotgun rounds in a pump-action shotgun?  More than enough.

You look at the crazy story from central Georgia from August....three young gentlemen at 4 AM, on a mission to do a home-invasion routine.   All three dead now.  The story on helps to sell more weapons.

Whether the political agenda folks grasp it or not....the landscape is simply not the 1960s or 1970s.  It's a rough world, and some people are living on the last twenty-four hours of their life, whether they like to admit that or not.  If you had a juvenile or two in the house and running a bit on the wild might want to have a last prayer for the kid each morning.  Things have changed. 

Subtracting Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders From the Race

Based on Bernie's health stuff and Joe Biden's Ukraine problem....I would suggest that both are 'gone'. 

We are four months out from the Iowa caucus, which has some impact on the whole race.  If you remove those's really a different race.  It's mostly all Warren. 

Robert Francis (Beto) is spinning his wheels, as is Mayor Pete (forget about blacks voting for him).  Booker is running out of money, and Senator Harris hasn't really thrilled that many Democrats. 

So what started out in the spring of 2019 with almost 20 candidates....we are basically down to just one single serious candidate?   Yeah.

It's bad enough that some strategists are putting the idea out there that former NY mayor Bloomberg....might announce something in November, and suddenly get into the race.  The fact that he'll be 78 years old in Feb 2020?  Well, that is another minor issue.

Unless something happens to split the vote up....I think by the 3rd of March....Super-Tuesday, it's finished.  If Warren wins all of these, there's not much need to get excited or thrilled over the primary season.  Fewer voters turning out after 3 March?  That's my prediction.  This will hurt in states like Ohio and Florida.