Saturday, 11 April 2020

Just Humble Advice I Hand Out

1. There's a rumor that Corona is a Chinese-virus which only kills 'infidels'.   True?

Well, some Islamic women over in Kurdistan have been told this by some Mullah, and they've pumped out the advice that it only kills non-Islamic folks.  Just me saying this.....but it sounds like some retired CIA guy decided to create a fake 'fact' and speed up the death count of Muslims.

2.  The head guy of the WHO is NOT a doctor?

Yep, shocker huh?  It'd be like putting a Tulsa barber in charge of the Fed, or hiring up a new CEO for Ford who was a Briggs and Stratton mower mechanic.

3.  The Philippines on a average Easter weekend....would have a fair number of pretender-Crucifixions.  Will those occur on schedule?

No.  Nation-wide order because of the fake-Crucifixions.  However, Flagellation's are still on the approved list and may continue. 

4.  'Most' Americans to get their Corona-check by Friday of next week?

Well, that's a substantiated rumor that the government stands by.  Basically....they are saying if you had your bank-account tied to your last tax submission.....your check will arrive.  Otherwise?  You might be talking about several weeks.  If you didn't submit any tax paperwork over the past might have an issue.  The possibility that a dead-guy will get a Corona-check?  If you passed away in the past three months, it's pretty good odds that the check will appear in the account.  Some of you dead folks will be kicking didn't get the $1,200 in time to spend it on something wasteful.

5.  Was that Army field hospital erected in Washington state a waste of time and effort?

The Army folks will readily admit that it was a damn good exercise and everyone had a good time for two weeks....waiting for customers.  Other than that....yeah, it was a waste of effort.

6.  Fizzing as a symptom?  What the hell is fizzing?

Well.....there's a list of lesser symptoms for the virus, which include loss of smell or loss of taste.  Some NY people are saying they had this unusual you stuck your finger into a 110-volt socket and got a 5-percent dose of a discharge.  A tingling would be the best description.

Noticed in Wuhan, Spain or Italy?  No.  So I kinda lean toward this being physiological suggestive symptom that some CIA guy started around NY see if enough people would latch onto this fake symptom and pass it around until the NY Times or NY Post printed the story.

7.  Did Doctor Doom actually suggest a 'certificate of immunity' saying that you had the virus, and therefore are 'clear'?

Yeah, he did suggest this.  Who would issue this?  It hasn't been answered yet.  Would fake certificates start to exist?  Probably so.  Cost factor?  I'll bet on $125.  Course, your veterinarian could probably write the note and sign and stamp it with the same prestige for $35 (note, your dog might even get a 'worming' with the $35 deal). 

8.  Is it true that nudists in Europe were told it's ok to be on the beach, but they need to wear face masks?

Yeah, but only in Czech.  Some folks are asking if your lacking tan around the mouth will be obvious.

9.  Is this vote-by-mail idea going to take off?

I would forecast that twenty states will have it up and running by November.....oddly all of the states that Hillary carried in 2016.  I will also predict that all twenty will have lawsuits going on because ballots failed to arrive, or non-residents were allowed to vote.

The bigger deal is that more than 10,000 dead folks (by the Coronavirus) will have voted even though they've been dead for more than 90 days prior to the election.

10.  Are models that corrupted or screwed-up?

Listen, intellectual folks and PhD wizards get honored each and every year for creating fantastic models.....that say something (maybe not the truth).

There are folks who are already modeling up the NFL season approaching and saying the Cowboys will have the best team in the past two decades.

The blunt truth is that you don't live your life by a model.  If you were lucky enough to be married to some gal who bakes muffins from scratch, mows the yard in a shapely bathing suit, never says a word about your bad habits, and allows you an extra slice of bacon each wasn't a model that gave you such 'luck'.