Friday, 13 June 2014

Simply Observations

A couple of notes I've come to realize over the past day or two.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has taken this comment "Gay lifestyles can be from your DNA" and thrown it back into pot....saying alcoholism can come from your DNA and you can deny it....starve it off....and avoid it.  Journalists are a bit peeved and want to say something harsh about this, but Rick's comment goes hand-in-hand with use of the DNA stance.  Opening up the DNA can of worms.....probably didn't help anyone's case in the long run.  Stupidity also comes from DNA.....and we don't necessarily brag about that.

High protein diets loaded with meat....good to avoid strokes?  Yeah.  That's what the smart guys have discovered.  Course, they'd rather not rejoice on this.  Another group of smart guys says meat can increase the chances of breast cancer.

In Bama.....some young gal (19) had ended up with an aunt.  Bad family situation or whatever.  But the young gal wasn't having much luck either with the aunt.  The aunt ended up going onto Facebook with a fake account as a guy to befriend her niece.  What ended up having in a rather odd and quick way....was that the young gal quickly buddied up with the new fake guy, and said she wanted her entire family killed.  The aunt then realized she had a nut-job in the house.....called the local Sheriff and the niece is sitting in a local jail.  Charges are going to be interesting, and I doubt if the gal spends more than six months in jail.

Finally, this Bergdahl guy.  The newest fact on him is that he went to the Coast Guard boot camp originally....spent roughly four weeks there before they kicked him out.  They won't give a reason, but it would appear that he had real issues in accepting authority.  More and more.....Bergdahl looks like a nut-case who never should have spent a day in uniform, but the Army relaxed its standards enough to let the guy in.  Promoting a nut-job to Sergeant?  Well....the Army has kinda gone back on that promotion.  It might still happen, but it'd likely embarrass the leadership a good bit to admit they promoted some nut.  And the $360,000 in back-pay? It'll still happen, I think.  If you had to pick some guy who needed to go and spend the rest of his life in a mental institute.....this is the one guy that I'd definitely send.