Sunday, 10 March 2019

Theatrical Show

Somewhere in the DC news for Friday, there's some one-line text where it's being forecasted (by the Democrats themselves)....that the House Democrats will be starting up an investigation into 'abuse of power' over the news media.

I sat there for five minutes looking for the story.  First, it didn't really come from an identifiable Democrat....just an anonymous Democrat. 

How will this committee meeting go?

Well, you'd have to invite in at least twenty journalists (mostly from CNN, WaPo, NY Times, NPR, etc).  Then the GOP dimwits would go and demand that Fox and Wall Street Journal writers need to come in as well.  Some folks will demand that journalists from newspapers in Montana and Boise need to come in.

Eventually, someone will realize that its mostly about journalists giving some talk which resembles 12-year old kids whining.  The odds that 70-percent of the public will consider this just a big theatrical show?  Yeah......that's where this would lead onto....six months prior to the primary period and campaign season. 

The worst possible action to show zero achievements for 2019, with a Democratic House. 

If you really wanted to impress would be out there and 'resolving' issues....not creating theatrical shows for television. 

How I'd Run Presidential Debates

First, no audience.

Second, just two individuals, and one single moderator.

Third, no news journalist as moderator.  He or she has to be some game-show host (like a Pat Sajack-character). 

Fourth, all questions would come from a public submission database, with a limit of 150 keystrokes.  This way, we don't have idiot spending two minutes asking a very in-depth and complex question.  The database would include a minimum of 12,000 questions, which would make it impossible for questions to be known ahead of time.

Fifth, camera angles can't be changed or flipped to some extreme close-up.  Three cameras set to each candidate.....and one single camera on the moderator.

Sixth, once the question is posed....the candidate would get three minutes to respond, and the second candidate would then get sixty seconds to go at the first guy. 

Seventh, you would start the debate no later than 7 PM local time, and end it 90 minutes later.

Eighth, no more than three of these debates.....all to come the final two weeks of the election period. 

Ninth, one single VP debate, to be held a week prior to the Presidential debates starting up.

Ten, and standing debates.