Friday, 29 May 2020

More Minneapolis Observations

I spent an hour this morning looking at new riot video from Minneapolis.  So more observations:

1.  I expect this weekend, at least forty cities across the nation will see more riots in their region, and cars/buildings will be torched.  Cops will be told to more or less stand down.  Fire departments will refuse to act because of a lack of protection. 

2.  The National Guard getting called out?  So at this point, the suggestion is that they are there to escort the fire department folks to the fires, and protect them.  The chief question....will they be armed and able to respond?  Are we re-creating another Kent-State mess? 

3.  I don't see the majority of police in Minneapolis staying.  Just me suggesting this, but I wouldn't be shocked to see 50-percent gone by late summer. 

4.  Covid-19 eruption in ten days in Minneapolis?  It wouldn't surprise me if you see a 100-percent increase in infections, and ride out a second wave in the state for the next four weeks.

5.  The fact that the policeman accused of the murder....had been written up on a number of violent episodes in the past?  Well, this finally got brought up.  Here's the thing....back in the very beginning when episodes came up....the DA in Minneapolis was current US Senator...Amy Klobuchar.  Yes, kinda interesting.  What'd she do with the investigations?  Nothing.  Why?  No one says much...I'm guessing that the police union suggested that she drop the potential charges.  This guy should have been let go back a decade ago, but nothing ever occurred.

6.  People getting armed to protect their businesses?  Well...the area affected so far is Southwest Minneapolis.  This is the lesser end of the city.  I would suggest that as the riot folks finished up burning structures there....then they will move to mid-town and the southeast part of the city.  There, they might end up meeting with armed counter-riot people, and you might end up seeing a dozen folks dead in just one evening. 

7.  Eventually, Trump is going to turn to the FBI and ask why is Antifa in the middle of this, and you do nothing?  The goofballs at the FBI will then look at the working-level FBI folks....who've been telling this for five years minimum, and some harsh criticism will erupt from the junior FBI guys to the management folks.

8.  Trump threatening to send the National Guard?  Here's the thing....this threat is simply open.  The governor, the mayor and the city council....will be smiling and happy to let this happen.  But Trump might go an entire month without moving to the next step.  How many many buildings and cars burn by that point?  He's going to make you guys look highly stupid, and have people literally begging for Trump to take charge. 

9.  The more I watch this murder tape, with the cop looking straight at the camera....I'm convinced the dude is drugged up (referring to the cop).  I don't think he has any idea over what he's doing.

10.  Finally, another story popped up....that for roughly 17 years....the dead guy and the cop....worked at a particular restaurant in town...together.  If true, it just begs more questions.