Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Comedians Over at Sanofi

The company Sanofi came up today and did some kind of defense over Ambien. 

It's mostly all common knowledge that you can have hallucinations and delusions....while on the drug. That's one of the reasons why it says on the side NOT to drive cars or operate machinery while taking the drug.  You might as well go and put down Facebooking, texting on Twitter, or conversing via social media as other things you shouldn't do while on the drug.

Going to work? Around livestock?  Painting  a fence?  Grilling burgers?  Mowing grass?  NO.  This is the stuff that you should only take when intending to rest or recuperate in your house.  And you should have someone to come and check on you occasionally.  I won't say it's bad stuff.....but to think you can go and do your normal lifestyle stuff?  No.

My advice to the business guys who wanted to dump on Roseanne?  If she's got a prescription....what she did is pretty much normal for a 'user'.  You apparently don't know your product. 

My View On The Roseanne Cancellation

A year ago, there were serious talks going on to bring the actors back for a short-lived season (a dozen episodes), under the producer Sara Gilbert (number two kid on the original series).

Now, you can ask....was there any real resume existing that would be worth giving her the producer position?  I have my doubts.  Somehow, Sara got with the production company and ABC, and found the right explanation for her to be producer and to lead this effort.

My guess is that she gave Roseanne Barr just enough material to believe that the dozen episodes would be worth doing, and that a slant on politics would be carried to some degree.

Roseanne arrived with the rest of the crew.....then found that most of the writers brought on board....are all liberal types.  Shocker?  Maybe.

So in the first one or two episodes....Producer Gilbert gave just enough rope for Roseanne to spin a story the way she wanted.

As the season wrapped up....Producer Gilbert came out and said that Trump would absolutely NOT be mentioned in the next season at all.  Gilbert was laying down the 'card'.

Looking at the top position that they'd accomplished, the introduction 'slant', there was some great timing coming up in September 2018 to spring 2020, and they could weave a number of poverty stories, with the writing team.

Roseanne?  I think she just said 'enough', then sat down to figure the way to terminate the show.  Just quitting was enough.  Arguing with Producer Gilbert wouldn't cut it.  She needed the head person of ABC to do the firing.  Who was the personal friend of the President of ABC?  Well....Obama's chief of staff.  The ambien story?  It does work well, I admit.

So it's ended.  Gilbert is now stuck.  She can't climb any more ladders without calling in some special favors.  The odds that Fox will go and offer a series chance to Roseanne?  She could make up a whole new story....hire some right-wing young writers, and be back on the air by October.

Using the term 'abhorrent'?  Producer Gilbert felt compelled to use it when talking on Barr.  But here's the problem.....there's a dozen pretender stars on ABC who have said enough (Jimmy Kimmel comes to mind) who deserve to be fired as well.  Apparently, no one has the 'balls' to do that.  And as for Roseanne being racist?  Sorry, on the racist scale....she's probably a '2' at the very most.

Starbucks and Racism

Over the past month, I've sat and read over various accounts of suggested racism, or perceived racism....within the Starbucks empire.  So, my thoughts over this:

1.  If you've been to as many Starbucks operations as I have....probably forty in my life (counting the airport operations, malls, and various street corners)'ve had a fair chance to notice the employees.  Most are low-income minorities or college students.  My guess is that those two groups make up 75-percent of the employees.  The chief thing you notice is that you really don't have to be bright to make coffee.  I'm not saying they are stupid, but if you had any remarkable level of clever nature, you wouldn't exactly make this a life-long career situation. 

2.  Pay level.  If you work at most of the Starbucks operations (not NY City) get paid eight to eleven bucks.  A manager?  Somewhere between eleven and thirteen bucks.  It's not bad but it's almost what you'd get flipping burgers.

3.  Observing racism?  Well....I've seen a lot of commentary at burger operations (unnamed) where the talk from the guys in the back....was in bad taste.  But at Starbucks? just don't hear that much in terms of chatty personnel, or people making bad taste comments.  Oddly, I think that a majority of employees are women.  Starbucks doesn't talk about the ratio, but I'd take a guess sixty percent of the employees are women.

4.  Finally, if you had a pretty simple storefront, with only one single product...why would you do something stupid to suggest a racism angle?  I'd be looking more at who I've hired, and if I'm making a mistake in the hiring process.