Saturday, 9 February 2019

The End of Air Travel (AOC Green Plan)

One of the odd things from this week was the proposal that air travel would end in ten years after the 'Green Deal' goes into effect.

Over the past 24 hours, I've spent a fair amount of pondering time....examining how this would work.  AOC never explain the 'how' part to this proposal.

I suppose you could add a 700-percent tax to air tickets, or draft up massive regulations that would terminate most of the airlines....but what's the real results?  Some massive grid of railway travel?

How would foreigners arrive in the US?  Only by ship?  We would revert to the 1940s methods of getting from NY City to Atlanta.....over a train or bus network? 

Would AOC ground Air Force One and limit the President to just boat travel and railway expeditions?

All of those airline folks?  With 27,000 flights a day, and probably between 700k and 900k people in the industry....just let go?  What do you do with the airports?  Just shut them down, and turn the parking lots into playgrounds?

Would we ground helicopters as well? 

This type of chatter from AOC is the kind of thing that you'd expect from an eight-year-old kid.  The sad thing is that it's a college graduate that uttered this. 

How the Virginia 'Losers' Mess Will End

Over the past two weeks, I've sat and observed almost daily how the Governor fell into this blackface discussion....then the Lt Governor fell into a sexual assault accusation....then how the Attorney General also fell into a blackface discussion.  The general perception by the public is that all three must resign.  The fourth guy in line?  A Republican, who sits as the Speaker of the Virginia Legislature.  Note, the three guys in question.....are all Democrats.

So this is how it'll end, and you got to see part of this game a Virginia House bill came up to start an impeachment against the Lt Governor (the only one of the three who might have violated a law).  Some suggest that the draft will easily pass, and a 60 day countdown would start up with the procedure to impeach the guy (he is black, if that matters....and generally regarded as someone who might be in national politics in ten to fifteen years).

I think as you get within a week of impeachment starting up, the Lt Governor will resign.  The Governor will still be around but he'll have a list of twenty-odd people to appoint to the position of Lt Governor (he can appoint the replacement, without a vote).  That replacement, I will virtually guarantee you, will be a woman.

Once this lady assumes the role of Lt Governor, within ten days....I think the Governor will resign, and she will move up.  Then she will select a replacement to Lt Governor, and it'll be a woman as well.  Finally, a week or two after that....the Attorney General will resign, and a woman will be appointed into that position.

So come August, all three 'problem-children' will have been replaced.  Women will occupy the positions in question (my humble theory).  It might be a sad story over Justine E. Fairfax (the Lt Gov) having to dismantle his future, and never become a Senator, and potential future VP....but his episode in the sexual assault thing really screwed up his future. 

Three women resolving this entire Virginia mess?  Yes.