Wednesday, 18 December 2019

The Ten Things to Take Away From the Senate Impeachment Episode

This is my list of predictions, on things that will come out:

1.  The first two days will be wasted on procedural things and the subpoena list.  The Democratic Senate members are royally screwed, and they already know it.

2.  Joe Biden will be subpoenaed and will attempt to fight it.  Figure four weeks wasted as courts have deal with this.  If he is forced into the hearing....he's finished as a political figure, and his years of Senate service are probably to be forgotten real quick.

3.  Hunter Biden will disappear (probably off to South Africa).  His finance records from the Ukraine company will be entered as crime 'evidence' and the IRS will be interested in his income level.  The money-laundering aspects?  They will be apparent, with at least two other national governments now interested, and the Justice Department looking at how vast this really is.  I don't think Hunter will ever return to the US.

4. The idea that Shifty and Nadler will be the 'prosecution-team'?  They are out of the league facing them.  One of the brightest legal minds in DC is Ted Cruz and will carve them every chance he gets.

5.  Continual coverage by CNN?  Even that won't help their numbers.

6.  About a week into this, Rush Limbaugh will have what I'll call a 'fat-lady' singing moment, and lay out the problems of the past week, and that this opera is mostly finished.  About 40-percent of the general public will say 'enough' at that point, and voice the idea of shutting down the entire impeachment.  By the end of the second week....the amount will be up to around 60-percent.

7.  The suggestion of another impeachment coming up in 2020?  Forget about it.  The damage to the process will have been done.

8.  Trump's favor with Latinos and blacks?  You can figure that he bumps up another five points...nearing 40-to-45 percent of the voting public within both groups.

9.  Pelosi will stand and deliver some explanation at the conclusion, and it'll be so confusing....that members of the Democratic Party suggest that she's in some dementia situation.

10.  At least forty different Trump-campaign video advertisements will be made out of the impeachment 'circus'.  Folks will be surprised at the creative nature, and stupid quotes by the prosecution folks.