Saturday, 8 June 2019

Letter of Appreciation Story

This is a page four type of story, over the Normandy celebration and Donald Trump.

So, in the midst of these VIP folks who showed up....there was some ceremony fixed up and someone had this remarkable 'certificate of appreciation' type letter fixed up.  It basically said 'thanks' for 99nd time for the valiant efforts of men who landed from Canada, the US, and the UK on the 6th of June 1944.  I say ''99nd time' because there's been a ceremony at Normandy Beach almost every five years since 1944, and a bunch of political folks (most all who had nothing to do with the landing) want to heap praise upon those who survived, and those who died.

So this 'certificate of appreciation' was put upon a stand and the VIP leaders were set to sign.  You would think that it'd just be four nations that mattered in this signing (Canada, the US, the UK, and France). 

Well....NO.  There's roughly fifteen folks who showed up and wanted to have a chance to sign the document. 

There were a whole bunch of flowery type words which consumed around 75-percent of this one-page letter/form.  I looked at the form, and the results.

So these VIPs showed up and signed up at the bottom, and it's pretty messed up with couple of folks having limited space for their normal signature block.  Then finally, Trump shows up.....with almost no space really to sign this worthless piece of paper which is produced every five years and has no legit value anymore.  Rather than trying to write a smaller signature block.....he goes to the top of the letter and just writes at the very top of the form.

Folks freaked out.

Yep, he did the impossible.....he found room at the top for his signature block.  The idiot who designed the appreciation letter?  He could have made a 8-line thank-you appreciation letter and left tons of room at the bottom.  They could have limited access to the four nations that mattered.  Instead, they invented a mess, and Trump simply corrected their stupidity.

Part of the reason why Trump seems to be popular, if you think about it.....for years, there's been this element of stupidity that was allowed to bloom and be part of the wonderful world around us.  We hated this stupidity and wanted it corrected.  Day by day, he's shrinking the size and shape of the stupid people.