Friday, 13 December 2019

Trump and the Presidential Debates?

The story came out last night....Trump now hints that he may not participate in the 2020 Presidential debates.

Logic?  He doesn't say much.

You would ponder over this?  Bias reporters as the moderators.  Stupid questions.  Audiences made up of 'favorite-players'. 

Presidential debates didn't start up until the 1960s and it's been marginally a plus-up for Republican candidates since Reagan. 

So what's this all about now?  I would suggest that Trump has laid the trap.  To get him over to the will have to play by his rules.

Just me guessing but I would think that he will require three central situations:

1.  No audience.  It'll be a camera crew in one theater, and no one else allowed.

2.  The moderator will be a non-journalist.  Maybe you could select some Iowa farmer, a Topeka barber, or a retired 1990s Braves pitcher.  Trump might shock people by asking that one of the three moderators be a NY City taxi driver, or a Taiwanese-American businessman. 

3.  The topics will be canned and known by the two candidates for at least 24 hours prior to the debate. 

The odds of the journalists and special agenda folks getting around this?  Near zero.  Because of the biased nature of the past five election debates....most people will agree that they are almost worthless. 

Frankly, I've reached a point where if I watch a debate....I will immediately turn the TV off once it concludes, and avoid the dimwit reporters trying to tell me who won or who lost.  It's terribly some Italian opera, and you just start laughing over their fake nature.