Wednesday, 23 October 2019

The 'Lynching' Comment

After President Trump made the comment on 'partisan lynching'....a whole bunch of folks got all hyped-up because it's a forbidden word to use unless talking over blacks being lynched in the period after the Civil War (well over 150 years ago). 

I sat for a while and pondered over the historical aspects of this.

If you study colonial history within the US, and history of the west....lynching isn't exactly a blacks-only 'thing'.

Between 1882 and 1967....almost 1,300 whites were lynched (I admit that well over 3,000 blacks were lynched in the same time period).

If you lived in Texas or any of the frontier states, and were caught cattle-rustling, stealing a horse, or possibly suspected of murdering someone's kin folks.....your skin color didn't really matter.  It was a race by the Sheriff to find you....before the lynch mob did.

Just in California alone, there are a minimum of 120 Mexicans who were lynched in the twelve years prior to 1860.

If you use the Johnson County War of 1890....there were a minimum of 25 individuals either out-right shot, or lynched....over a four-year period.

Predominately black from 1900 on?  More or less.  But if you were using the comment 'partisan lynching' details out to a political topic....not a public execution.  It means you get no judge, no jury, and no rights.  In this case, 'partisan lynching' has no connection back to the 'death execution' chatter of the 1800s. 

It's silly that politicians and journalists both wander into this topic, and hijack it for other purposes. 

The 'Kit Kat' Candidate

At the conclusion of the 2016 election business....I kinda figured that it'd take about six months for Hillary Clinton to disappear from the spectrum, and not really be noticed by any news organization. 

I say it from this prospective....Hillary Clinton just wasn't this awesome alternate political candidate for President. 

If you'd had an election grouping with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete, Robert Francis (Beto), and Elizabeth Warren in 2016....there's zero chance that Hillary would have been number one or number two, heading into the convention.  No one would have held more than 35-percent of the primary votes (Bernie might have been lucky to win 20 percent in that group).  I'd even suggest a Mayor Pete of today, in that type of primary....might have pulled five points more than Hillary Clinton.

In this alternate world of speculation....the public would have had real choices, and found limited-energy Clinton campaign could be easily beaten.  Look at Bernie in 2019....he's not even getting real attention like he did in 2015/2016. 

So why bring up Hillary into conversation in late fall of 2019?  Why hype her with this Hawaii Democrat....Tulsi Gabbard? Why get conversations of Hillary on front pages of the news?

On my list of the worst chocolate bars to consider, even on a low-energy afternoon....I always look over the big machine and the two rows of bars available.  I'll rate them, and it's always the Kit Kat bar that I will avoid.  The Mars Bar and Cripsy Crunch will follow that.  Along the way, I'll skip Pay-Day, and maybe that crappy Bounty Bar. 

So I equate the Hillary hype to 'Kit Kat'.....I'd rather go and find something more preferred from the alternate list.  Sadly, the news people fail to grasp that. 

Millions and Millions of Russian Spies

If you use the Hillary Clinton-logic....there are Russian spies around every corner in America.

When you stopped at Starbucks this morning....that kid who served you...might be a Russian spy.

The Piggly Wiggly clerk who argued with you about discounted hot dogs.....might be a Russian spy.

The postal delivery guy who asked about your lawn....might be a Russian spy.

The librarian who noticed you were reading quiet a bit of Steinbeck....might be a Russian spy. 

The veterinarian attending to your dog's bowl movement issues....might be a Russian spy.

The transmission guy who says your Dodge is 'shot' and requires a $1,100 job....might be a Russian spy.

Even that Russian neighbor guy who has been telling you for eight years that he's a Russian spy....might actually be a real Russian spy. 

Heck, let's be humble here and even suggest that Bill Clinton himself....might be a Russian spy.  That'd be a shocker for Hillary.