Friday, 19 July 2019

Things I Hate About America

I sat and thought over the Squad and their level of hatred, and tried to think of ten things that I disliked about America, so this is my list:

1.  Potholes.  It's silly to travel around various states, and note the frequency and severe nature of potholes.  Can't we have some national policy to fix them?  Can't we get a cabinet-level agency up and running to resolve this pothole crisis?

2.  TSA agents.  Ever since 9-11, I've had to deal with TSA folks.  Maybe two-thirds of them are capable and intelligent folks....but roughly one-third of them are marginally intelligent and behave like mall-cops.  Every occasion that I transit through an airport, I just sit there....frustrated with this problem, and I hate the experience of traveling in the US.

3.  Hollywood-style Representatives/Senators.  You now see this fake Hollywood-group from DC....almost daily on TV.  Is it really necessary?

4.  Rat-infestation.  The number one problem of LA now?  Rats?  Really?  How the heck did that come to pass?  The talk of the plague returning?  Really?

5.  Cable-TV offering up 200 channels....of which you watch maybe ten of them on a regular basis.  And I'm paying in some way for the 190 other channels....that I never watch?

6.  The NCAA bowl process.  It's obviously corrupted, and run by very evil men with the intent to hold back true champions (like the University of Alabama).

7.  Racists everywhere.  After watching a full hour of MSNBC news, I have the impression that at least 150-million racists exist in America.  In fact, there are Puerto Rican racists, Indian racists, Taiwanese racists, black racists, Mexican racists, Guatemalan racists, Canadian racists, and even racists racists.

8.  The idea that a McDonalds burger bag (basically a regular hamburger, fries, and Coke) will cost around $9.99 eventually, after the $15-an-hour minimum wage deal goes into effect.  It just isn't worth $9.99.  In fact, it's probably not worth $4.99.

9.  There's probably over 400,000 folks in America who are crazy-crazy-enough....that ought to be in a managed facility, and is instead housed under various bridges in the nation.  And we seem to pat ourselves on the back in letting the crazy-crazy squad enjoy the bridge 'house' for a lifestyle.

10.  Finally, I hate the idea that some news guy refers to some ten-man group as a debate...when they get a marginal two-minute period to say something that doesn't make much sense. 

Video Story

Over the past ten-odd days, NBC News went to a great length to find a video, which had footage of Trump with this Epstein guy (noted in the news, and currently sitting in jail because the judge won't issue a release). 

What's odd about that the video comes from almost thirty years ago. 

It's consider all the vast investigative journalism that exists with NBC News, and you haven't really seen much of any of this.....for almost twenty years.  Suddenly now?  It shows up?

People sit there in disbelief, and laugh over NBC's great effort, and why they couldn't see anything like this over the Obama period.  So many resources, and they simply sit there....with no instruction or desire to demonstrate their capability, unless it fits the agenda.