Thursday, 6 December 2018

If Global Warming is Coming

In recent weeks, there's been a lot of chatter about global warming, and the great catastrophic events coming.  The chief topic that accompanies this....we need to redistribution of money....mostly to go to poor nations (never West Virginia or the hill-country of Kentucky, or Selma, Alabama).

After much reflection, I've come to the better's basically too late, and we need to put the money into transport (of some type) and just leave the Earth.

I've watched just about every single episode of Stargate, Star Trek, and Lost in Space (probably totalling 3,000 hours), and feel that it'd just be a better investment to haul up and leave (like when the trailer is no longer inhabitable or when neighbors have made a mess of things).

So what's our priorities in finding a new planet?

1.  No bug-people.  I've come to notice that things tend to go badly when you have to deal with them.

2.  Preferably a planet with 24 to 36 hour days.  If this is a planet with 134-hour'll be a problem for me to adjust my sleeping hours to 60-plus hour per day.

3.  Preferably a planet with no snakes.

4.  Preferably a planet with ongoing climate change business.  The climate needs to be rock-solid and not changing sixteen different ways every year.

5.  Preferably a planet without any Amazon ten-foot tall women.  It'd just draw a guy's attention around the clock and make it hard to concentrate.

6.  Preferably a planet with no cable new networks or political business going on. 

7.  Preferably a planet with no giant eels or forty-foot alligators.

8.  Preferably a planet with no tornadoes.

9.  Preferably a planet with freaky monsters that you might have seen off a hundred of the Stargate episodes. 

10.  Preferably no robot creatures.