Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Randi Story

People seemed hyped over some CNN episode from New Year's Eve, involving Randi Kaye.  So I went to YouTube and reviewed the clip.

Basically....CNN was doing their big year-end update and Randi was in Denver where folks can buy and use marijuana without any issue.  At some point....Randi lit a bong and did the intake of a joint while on the

Then Randi went to some gas mask deal, and did another intake of weed.

The accusation is that folks sitting at home were "appalled".  Then some folks went and suggested that this would confuse people into thinking that marijuana was legal in all fifty states, and they'd rush out to buy some weed and smoke it on their front-porch or while standing on their driveway.

First, let's be honest.  Probably a quarter of all top-level journalists for CNN, NBC, BBC, CBS, PBS, and even Fox News....probably smoke a joint at some time during the day, or the minute that they get home.  Yes, that gal that does the 10 PM news is probably got her act together strictly because she did three or four huffs on some bong prior to getting on the air.

Second, was this real marijuana or fake marijuana that Randi was smoking?  Is it possible that Randi was smoking just to get viewers and has never smoked real marijuana in her entire life?

Third, to suggest folks are appalled?  I'm guessing in the age-group of twenty to fifty....probably over fifty percent of the US population has done marijuana, and probably 20-percent do it a minimum of once or twice a week. 

Fourth, if you were fairly naive and believed everything on TV, then we'd have to dismantle the networks and just run puppet-shows, Fred Flintstone cartoons, and Judge Judy episodes.  Oh, I agree, the entire population of schizophrenics in America probably watched Randi huff on the marijuana and got all hyped-up to huff themselves.  But the rest of the nation simply opened a can of Pabst and sipped on it slowly.

My prediction is that Randi will end up on some Saturday night CNN show, with guests....and everyone will pass around a bong and engage in marginal chats while viewers sit at home and note the effect.  We will end up calling it.....entertainment.

Three Observations

There's three things that I came to note this morning which lead me to pondering:

1.  The Today Show finally announced Matt Lauer's replacement (since he had to leave in a hurry)....some gal by the name of Hoda Kotb.  Around the studio, they seemed all excited.  Now they can continue on.

I paused at this point and kinda wondered....what exactly will Hoda bring to the table to make this all exciting?  Course, I asked that with Matt as well.  It amazed me that they were always willing to pay Matt more than 2-million dollars a month for what he did.

I look at most of the morning shows on TV at 7 AM and grade the majority to be 'coffee-journalism'....rather light and geared for mostly housewife mentality folks.

2.  This button-talk with Mr Kim of North Korea.  Kim says he has finally acquired a nuke button. My immediate take on this.....where do you buy nuke-buttons or did he have some Kim-technician manufacture the button?

I'm guessing out there in the real world, there are engineers working hard each day to develop a 'cool' and professional nuke-button that would be eagerly bought by Trump, Kim, Macron, Putin, etc.

At some point in the Kim-talk....he noted his nuke-button was in the office.  I'd be a bit worried on that issue because the cleaning lady could come through in the after-hours, and dust up around the button....then accidentally hit it.  The 3,000 nuke-support folks would see this red-light come on and assume the real Mister Kim hit the button, and then run to launch their one-and-only nuke missile.  Things go downhill at that point.

3.  I kinda noticed in the news that this Joshua Boyle character....the guy held by the Taliban in Afghanistan for a couple of years with his wife.....had gotten himself arrested yesterday.

Boyle was all worried and stressed out in early statements after getting out of Taliban-control that the US would arrest him.  The thing is.....he could never explain why.

The cops arresting him now?'s Canadian cops.  Yeah.  The charges?  Two charges of assault (no one says who he assaulted), one charge involving a death-threat (usually something taken serious), and some charge over giving the drug Trazodone to someone.  Trazodone is usually for anxiety or stress issues, or to get you into a sleep rhyme. In simple terms....a downer. It's a prescription drug and I'm only guessing here that he had some pills and simply gave one to a friend.  It's not a charge that would usually get you into big jail-time.  But the assault charges?  Well...that's a different story.

The thing about Boyle is that he and his wife were held as prisoners for five years.  It's a miserable five years and I think he was extremely affected by the episode.  As much as he was worried over getting arrested in the's an odd aspect that the statement did come true but in Canada instead, and mostly through his own actions.