Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Foreign Change in the US

So here's something to think about.

Back in 2017, Guatemala was thought to have around 16.9 million residents total. 

Back in 2010, the US Census detected around 1.04-million Guatemalans living either legally or illegally in the US. 

The odds that we've reached two-million Guatemalans in the US, and that Guatemala's own population has bumped downward (say losing a million over the past three years)?   Well, it's very possible.

But here's the other thing which you ought to think about.  If nothing changes in Guatemala over the next five years....we will probably have 3.5-million Guatemalans in the US. 

Where do they live?  Mostly in urbanized zones (NY City, Philly, San Francisco, central Texas, northern Virginia).  The odds that they could get onto voting lists, and be part of some 'change'?  Well, here'e the thing....it wouldn't take much for some GOP guy to find some hyped-up talker....a Guatemalan person....to lead focus groups in all of these areas, and shift votes from the Democrats to the Republicans. 

Just to suggest that you could find 150,000 votes in Houston alone....that you could convert over....would send a clear message on political change occurring.