Sunday, 20 January 2019

2020 Democratic Primary and 15-Odd 'Players'

What happens if you have 15-odd individuals running in the Democratic primary next spring?  You can anticipate four conditions occurring:

1.  For the most part, six of them will be gone by the fourth primary.  Cash-wise, from 12 May on (a total of 12 left)'ll be down to just three candidates.

2.  The overwhelming odds are that no one will have sufficient votes to win an outright convention deal.

3.  The VIP votes at the primary will then go and pull on who they favor....even if it's the number two or three candidate.

4.  The odds are heavily fixed that the convention winner won't be someone really capable of taking on Trump.....even if the journalists say otherwise.

The two characters that I think could beat Trump?  Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.  But at this point, neither appear to be lined up to run.  Maybe I'm wrong.

How I'd Repair Immigration

Trump seems to have a plan, and a few other GOP guys suggest some alternate ideas.  Democrats?  It's best not to ask them, because officially.....there is no plan.

So this is my ten point-plan.

1.  The wall gets built.

2.  I remove all US Army troops from Europe, and deploy them to five staging areas or Army posts in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  At least fifteen-thousand would be assigned a simple task of patrol and recon.  The US Border Patrol folks would continue to exist and be the arresting agent for all collected 'crossers'.

3.  I'd establish six to ten containment villages along the border and this is where everyone gets taken.  You stay there until your future situation (where you go) is determined.  Kids, parents, won't matter.  At least two US Senators (one GOP, one Democrat) will be required to visit these camps each month.  It'll be a rotating duty for the US Senators.

4.  A simplified visa/work-permit will be created.  You declare yourself, and show some form of native land ID (it must be valid).  You show that you've been in the US prior to 1 January 2018.  You swear that you have not registered to vote in any US election.  You demonstrate that you haven't been convicted of any felony in the time that you've been in the US, or arrested for drug-related charges.  The visa/work-permit will be issued and good for five years.  It'll re-issued every five years as long as you don't vote or get convicted of any felony.  After ten years of demonstrated good can apply for citizenship.

5.  Any non-American who gets the visa/work-permit, and completes three years of US Army time (including the reserves) will be given a fast-pace situation to citizenship.

6.  If you are the manager of a US business and found to have hired non-American and non-visa immigrants, you get detained for criminal charges.  The minimum for jail-time is 90 days, or a payment for each non-visa employee of $10,000 to the local state authority.

7.  Any non-American and non-visa holding individual arrested for drug kept on hold until the trial case comes up.  If convicted, you will serve your time in prison (preferably your home-country) and when released....if you are ever found on US'll be an immediate disposal to your home country.

8.  No driving license will be valid or issued to any non-American unless you hold a visa or work-permit. Across the front of the license.....will be some wording to the effect 'not eligible to vote'. 

9.  No foreign students will be allowed to stay in the US more than 90 days after anticipated graduation of their school situation....unless you complete a work-permit or visa application.  Anyone with an advanced degree who applies, will be given a higher priority for the visa or work-permit.  Anyone with a PhD will be given the fast-track (in two years) to be given US citizenship.

10.  Any non-American and non-visa/non-work-permit individual found to have voted illegally in the US....will be released back to the nation and forbidden any permit or visa for a period of ten years.