Saturday, 7 September 2019

This Trump-Alabama-Hurricane Business

I've sat this week, and watched at least fifteen different criticisms pop up over Trump, this hurricane-non-threat over Alabama, and the map stuff pop up.  It's a curious thing.

If you go back ten days ago....watching purely Alabama meteorologists (not the national weather folks)....they all had the regular map projecting the hurricane going into Florida.  Then they all verbally pure Alabama-language....IF IT WERE to continue on, it'd come into central Alabama in a weakened state. 

You can go out today and ask ten-thousand Alabama locals about this, and they'd all say the same thing.  They heard it, and frankly.....they didn't give a damn (it wasn't going to cancel out any NCAA football games, so it didn't matter).

Maybe folks around Mobile and Orange Beach have some feelings over evacuation, but the other 99-percent of Alabama just don't get stirred up over such a suggestion.  Maybe some folks might stop off at the beverage shop and buy twelve extra cases of beer, but the other folks will just continue on with their lives.

So this criticism business?  It's mostly comical, and draws upon people to ask why they couldn't be that critical in the Obama eight years.