Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Ten Solutions to Climate Change (If It Existed)

Not that I spend an awful lot of time thinking about it or pondering over it....but generally....there are roughly twelve methods to limiting the continuation line on global warming....if it does exist.  I've generally taken the position that once the brilliant among us declared global cooling to be in effect and a terrible pain....then fifteen years later, the same group voiced they were wrong and went to global warming, and ten years later, to climate change.

You can't modify or change science like this....unless you really don't know what you are doing, and to suggest that carbon credits or carbon fees tied into society and culture answers the problem....means there is no problem and this was all a cash redistribution effort.

So, my dozen fundamental changes? start with hydrogen-run cars, and hydrogen-storage tanks.  So far....the Japanese are the only ones putting real effort into this and will be the first to market across their nation (my humble opinion).  Taxing people to reach this?  No.....just investing into university programs and putting smart people onto the projects.

Two....improved energy efficiency across all lanes (home, business operations, stores, power plants, etc).  Taxing people to reach improvements?  No....just investing into technology and rewarding those who reach a sellable product.  If you want to tax heavily on heavy-power consumers....the guys with a heated pool and four freezers in their garage? issue with that....but the idea that regular people need to feel some kind of pain?  No.

Three....fuel economy of regular cars.  Basically.....fuel cost today is forcing people to move themselves from SUV smaller vehicles.  It's stupid to artificially pump gas up to six dollars a gallon to make some illegitimate point.  Three-cylinder cars becoming the norm?  I'd take a guess by 2030.....half of all cars made will be three-cylinder models, and there will even be a few two-cylinder two-passenger cars on the market (thirty horse-power might appeal to some folks if you just said the yearly tax was $10).

Four.....nuclear power being expanded.  Yeah, I know.....all that bad stuff could happen.  The thing have to start gauging your problems and realize that nuke power might be evil but acceptable.

Five.....go to urban communities and put the thought of growth on forests around a town as a priority.  Offer to pay some community groups to plant a thousand trees a month for an entire spring.  Offer to change open fields near cities back into forests.  Offer a $50 credit on yearly property taxes if a two-acre home owner would just plant six new trees on his property.

Six....set your house thermostat to sixty-nine degrees in winter and eighty degrees in the summer.  It won't be a perfect temperature but it'd cut back on energy usage.  And if you haven't modernized your house with insulation in thirty years or weatherized the windows ever.....maybe set an incentive for a guy to do this (don't tax them.....offer a simple yearly tax credit). half of the global warming alarmists who run around and suggest your hernia came from global cooling, or your baldness came from global warming.  They disrespect the science and the general intelligence of society.  These are the people who need to drive cabs, shovel snow, or set up the shelves at Piggly Wiggly with merchandise.  You've got way too many "experts" and they have to threaten society with freaky keep their jobs with foundations.  We don't need their help.

Eight.....chop off all carbon credit taxes on airlines or airports entirely.  These are entirely bogus in nature and simply shuffle money off to bogus entities.  If you did want to do some good....offer the blimp guy developing cheaper and better forms of transportation.....some tax incentives.  Put up some blimp ports down in Florida and a few in New Jersey, pushing for $99 one-way tickets via blimp (16-hour flights).

Nine.....positively forbid global climate change conferences at five-star resorts around the world where your chief players fly into the conference on a private jet with four and dine forty others with crab flown in from Alaska and wine from France....and talk for three days straight about the impending doom.  Start having conferences out in the west Texas area of Waco.....forcing people into two-star hotels.....and suggest they'd find better ways to waste time and money.

Ten.....take a society approach of less driving.  In the last fifty years, it's become common now that a guy lives fifty to seventy miles from work and drives this daily.  While at the Pentagon, I knew a guy who drove 115 miles daily to work....all one-way.  We ought to be able to produce less maintenance-free cars and start to challenge guys to either live closer or find other forms of employment.  To imagine some guy sitting around for fifty years and driving the whole time at 25,000 miles a a bit silly.  Taxing the guy?  No.  But we ought to find some method of simply getting more incentive to the guy to find a different angle to this deal.