Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Talking Victimization

“Now, I have said this over and over again a different way. Everybody wants their life to have meaning. Everybody wants to matter. And a lot of people feel overwhelmed, powerless, and like they don’t matter – and one of the faster ways to make yourself feel like you matter is to become a victim, member of an organized victim group. ”

-- Rush Limbaugh, 2018

I don't usually quote Limbaugh, and to be best these days, I can handle maybe a 20-minute routine of his.  But he sat and put this one thought together, which leads me back to one of the more critical books that I ever picked up and read.

'True Believer' was written by Eric Hoffer in 1951....comprising 176 pages.  You can complete the book in one single weekend.  It's a brilliant book, yet written at the level that even most teens can grasp the subject. 

Hoffer went to describe how mass movements build up....take root....trigger people to feel a need to save 'someone', or 'something', and the basis of some many simply because people are drawn to SAVE or to HAVE PURPOSE in their lives.

If you feel drawn to some victim....your attachment is mostly geared to SAVE that victim, or to HAVE A PURPOSE in their life.

Over the past decade, you continually see environmental 'save' somethings, or racial 'save' somethings, or immigration 'save' somethings.  People are drawn to these, to feel some great feeling of helping or saving something.  After a while, that feeling peaks out.  You eventually figure out that you aren't saving much of anything.

Victimization almost a daily event?  Well....yeah, that's part of saving something as well.  All fake?  Well...that's the thing about aren't asking yourself about the information or how reliable the event is in terms of facts.  So, you could have a fake victim, and you'd be part of a fake 'save-the-victim' event.  Kind of comical, if you think about it.

How These Four Sworn Statements of Professor Fords....Line Up

It's a remarkable four line story.

Four individuals who know Professor Ford (of Kavanaugh fame), have signed documents to say that she did say to them that it was a drunk Kavanaugh 'kid' involved in this mess.  However, they are basically saying she told the the last three or four years.  One is her, her husband, and the other two are friends.

The value here?  Zero.

I don't what the intention is, or how you reach some level of thinking that telling someone about something, then having them swear they heard you talk about it.....gets you much of anything.  Most judges would throw this out in three minutes.