Saturday, 6 June 2015

Jobs and Politics

Graphics tell a story.  Sometimes, it's a story that amazes you and yet there's virtually no words tied to a graphic.

This week....Verdant Labs did a graphic of occupations and political leanings.

They asked a bunch of folks questions and came to some odd conclusions.

Most pilots are Republican, while most stewardesses are Democrat.  Why?  Unknown.  Maybe it's the social occasions of each where a few drinks works some magic.

The vast number of bartenders are Democrat, but the vast number of beer distributors are Republican.  You might figure that the bartender sits and talks a lot to people and is part of some social scene.....while the beer distributor is a business guy.

Most truckers are Republican, while most taxi drivers are Democrat.  Again, the social setting for the taxi guy invites conversation.  For the trucker......he's a loner for the most part.

Most floral arrangers are Democrat, while most exterminators are Republican.  Most exterminators work alone.....while the floral arrangers work in a heavily social setting.

The vast number of yoga instructors are Democrat.....while the vast number of car salesmen are Republican.

Most park rangers are Democrat, while most sheriffs are Republican.  This might be the law and order scenario where sheriffs tend to enforce daily.....while the park rangers mostly stand around and talk to people and act friendly.

Most farmers are Republican, while most gardeners are Democrat.  Farmers are intensive businessmen at heart.....while a gardener is much lesser the businessman.

Oddly, most train engineers are Democrat.  The vast majority of people in the publishing trade....are Democrat, which is just as odd.

There's a five-hundred page list of questions that a person might have.....after reading over the whole listing.  Why do certain people in certain occupations lean as drastic as shown?  What makes most farmers Republicans?  What about the folks who walk around for three decades as a Democrat and then suddenly come to some life moment where they flip in a short period of time to being a Republican?  How would they figure into this graphic?

Questions, questions, questions.