Wednesday, 20 February 2019

National Holiday Chatter

Back around five years ago, Senator Bernie Sanders had this idea....making election-day....a national holiday.  It basically went nowhere.  In the past week or two, it's been picked back up and several folks are talking about this idea.

My observation?

First, you'd only have this once every four years, so it might not be as painful as you think.

Second, I'm not sure if you made it a holiday....if you'd create a higher percentage of people showing up to vote.  There's no reliable study to suggest this.

Third, the fact that many states offer absentee voting or may not really mean much.

Fourth, if you had a three-day weekend possible.....would you even stay around the local area?  Some guys might tell the wife that it's a casino-weekend, and they drive off to Vegas for the whole weekend.

Odds of happening?  I'd put it between zero and five-percent.