Sunday, 18 March 2018

How McCabe Royally Screwed Up

Over the past couple of months, I've been this Andrew McCabe story a good bit.  My speculation was that he would be was just a matter of when.

So what did he royally screw up?

At some point in mid-September 2016, it came to his desk.....that another copy of the Hillary emails existed.

The odd thing now occurs.....for about five to six weeks....he keeps his mouth shut and refuses to brief his boss. Well....he says that now.  I'm not exactly buying into this part of the story.

Yes, there on the laptop of former US Representative Anthony Weiner....were copies under a folder which connected back to Hillary's top aid....Human Abedin.

What happened in this period of five or six weeks? It's virtually unknown.  He's never talked about keeping the secret and I seriously doubt that he kept the secret.  My guess is that he told the boss (Comey), and probably Hillary Clinton.

All of this would have been fine, if Hillary had won.  Yes, IF she had won.  No one would be talking about this today and McCabe would have gotten a promotion somewhere in the middle of this mess.

But Trump won, and an IG investigation occurred.  In the end....they asked for McCabe for a sworn testimony, and he basically lied.

At that point, I think he was finished with the position and just hopped that something would delay his being fired. 

His expectation now?  He might wait out the remaining Trump period (3 years or 7 years) and hope that someone will come in and offer him a job with a pardon.