Monday, 13 April 2020

Why The 1920 Election Matters Today

There are three big and negative events that occur in 1918/1919, and the nation is faced with the Wilson administration leaving.

The Democratic Party choice?  James Cox, governor of Ohio, and the VP was FDR (yes, shocking that you don't hear much about this).

The three events that put Cox into a difficult spot?  First, the war....which Wilson had promised that it would never occur.  Second, the Spanish Flu situation had terrified the nation.  Third, a recession had started up in 1919, and lingered on into 1920.

The Cox/FDR team could not sway the public, and the GOP choice.....Harding and Coolidge easily won (37 states, 404 EC votes).  Cox/FDR were only able to take 11 states and 34-percent of the national vote.

In this present situation, it's hard to see anyone giving economic balance to the Democratic Party and bringing people out of the virus period.  For this reason, I think Trump will go the route of Coolidge.

Trump's Action

It's not page one news, or even page five news.....but on Friday of last week....President Trump sent out a memo to the Homeland Security Secretary (Chad Wolf). 

The memo basically says that when a deportee has been refused by his home country to return.....Wolf is to notify the State Department, and from that point visas will be issued to people from that country (for any reason).

No educational visas, no tourist visas, nothing.

What'll happen now?  It'll take six months for this to sink various individuals from wealthy families typically would arrange for 'junior' to attend college or the wife takes her 10-day shopping trip to NY'll be refused.  Then these folks will ask their government what the deal is about.

Somewhere along the middle of 2021, I expect a number of deportees waiting in line to return to their suddenly get notified to prepare for the trip back home. 

In simple terms, this should have been done twenty years ago.