Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Mayor Pete's Statement

About two days ago.....Mayor Pete (Pete Buttigieg) made a statement that parents can’t explain Trump to their kids.  He meant this in a way that suggested nine-year-old kids were curious over the election, Trump, and that there just wasn't a way to explain Trump.

I sat and pondered upon this.

Most nine-year-old kids that I've known.....would have come up with significant questions...but having next to nothing to do with politics:

1.  Did Iron-Man really die at the end of Endgame?

2.  Why is cousin Wanda such a slut?

3.  Why can't you make a zero-calorie hamburger?

4.  Why don't the kids on SouthPark ever age?

I just don't see kids coming up to Dad or Uncle Barney....asking about Trump.  They might ask why Mom is so torn-up or frustrated with President Trump, and Dad accidentally says that she's a socialist, and then the kid asks Dad to explain socialism.  That would be a serious mistake.

But what would happen if 'Johnny Junior' suddenly got peppy and pro-Trump....around Mom who was anti-Trump?  Would Mom be able to handle this or would she got nuts with Johnny Junior?  Would Johnny Junior have to move out or resettle with other relatives?

I'm just shaking my head because this is some type of alien landscape that makes no sense....that you'd be so fired up over politics, and unable to handle any other scenario.  You have to wonder.....come 2024, what happens if another Trump-like character appears?  Could these people handle another eight more years of this business?

It all used to be simple, with nine-year-old kids asking if Higgins was really Robin Masters, on Magnum P I or if the Power Rangers really did all die in a plane crash over Arkansas like their cousin Marvin suggested.