Monday, 17 August 2015

The Tunes Story

Some smart folks at Brunel University (west of London) did a study over medical operations, anxiety among patients, and music.  Oddly, they came to this conclusion....there's a better outcome to the operation procedure if you listen to some likable music before and after the surgery.

To achieve a decent survey, they've polled around seven thousand folks.  Course, they also interviewed the medical folks involved, and they (the medical folks) said.....they were agreeable with this, as long as it didn't interfere with their process or procedures.

There's a historical side to this story because roughly a hundred years ago.....the idea was put forward, and then discounted by the medical establishment.

What's this all mean?  Well....some other group will start to ask the question if the Bee Gee's tunes are better for pre-Op, or maybe some Willie Nelson, or some heavy metal tunes from the 1970s.  Naturally, this will take into account people are different and what might work work with one guy.....won't work with the next guy.

This could trigger hospitals to hire up amateur DJ's who'd sit down with Gus while he's preparing for surgery tomorrow, and ask for suggestions for the hour before surgery and the hour after surgery.  Gus will sit there for a while and remark that he's a harmonica guy for the pre-Op, and then he'd like some Scottish fiddle music for the hour after the procedure.  The DJ will sit there, then admit he's got mostly pop stuff from the 1990s, eight-eight tunes from Johnny Cash, and four-hundred classical or opera tunes.

Eventually, as research episodes continue on and twenty years into the future.....we will come to discover that people will select Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire have a 99-percent chance of survival after an operation, for some unexplained reason.  The science guys will shake their just can't be that simple.