Sunday, 19 August 2018

My Second Special Prosecutor Theory

About a month ago, I read through a number of pieces which discussed the idea of a 2nd special prosecutor (a second Mueller-type individual).  I've sat and reviewed the discussions and formed this observation:

1.  I think President Trump will by-pass 'old-man' Sessions in the spring of 2019, and appoint the second special prosecutor.  Why then?  Basically, that guy appointed will be 'fishing' during the campaign build-up to the 2020 election, and he'll be able to bring in twenty various characters.

2.  Pay-back?  By early 2019, I think as virtually all of the 'FBI-cards', the 'dossier-cards', and the 'FISA-abuse-cards' are laid out, you won't help but notice a conspiracy, and as much as the news media might yell about pay-back, it won't work.

3.  Brennan in trouble?  Based on the lie-to-Congress problem....he probably needs to go spend some money on real attornies and prepare for troubles.

4.  McCain?  If he's still around and kicking....he will likely face this special prosecutor and have to explain what he paid, and how he got into the dossier business.  I think he'll be highly embarrassed and probably try to claim some Senate immunity from this special prosecutor. 

5.  Pain for the DNC?  Public sentiment won't be very positive and it'll make the whole campaign for the Democratic primary period in 2020.....suffer. 

6.  Sessions?  He'll have no authority over the 2nd special prosecutor and will turn into a more or less worthless attorney general (even more so than he is today). January of 2021 will arrive and he'll be the first to be let go.  By 2025, no one will remember the guy, and it'll be mostly laughed over for this period that he served as AG.

7.  Damage for Hillary Clinton?  At some point, the prosecutor will turn and face the donations to the Clinton Foundation.  I don't think the Foundation leadership will be able to survive this without one or two of them going off to some prison episode.

All of this will lead to a Senate confrontation in 2020 and 2021.  With the public not buying into the news media message, I think the GOP control of the senate will continue on through 2020 and 2022's election period.  You might actually see 60 to 65 GOP senators there in the 2nd Trump administration.

Damage-wise?  Hundreds of books will be written over this period and the lack of appropriate behavior from dozens of Obama-period characters.