Sunday, 29 September 2019

Corruption Story

Over the weekend, I read through this corruption article out of China (Danzhou).....where cops arrived and did a search warrant on the former mayor of the city.

So there's this secret vault area in his basement, and what they found was this.....almost 14 tons of gold (you can figure that it adds up around 700 million dollars). 

On top of that....268 billion Yuan.  That comes out into the range of 37-billion dollars.  Cash? cash.

What'll happen to the guy?  He'll be dragged into court...lectured....and a week later executed.  In this case, you have to wonder....why keep the money in China?  He should have shipped it out and quietly left the country one day, with some luxury condo in Cyprus. 

The Senators Who Were At Clinton's Impeachment

This is an interesting topic.  You have to go back to 19 December 1998, when the impeachment hearing ended.....with it being a pretty long time ago. 

The Senators who are here now and can remember the episode?

Enzi of Wyoming (R), Murray of Washington (D), Leahy of Vermont (D),  Reed of Rhode Island (D), Wyden of Oregon (D), Inhofe of Oklahoma (R), Collins of Maine (R), McConnell of Kentucky (R), Roberts of Kansas (R), Grassley of Iowa (R), Durbin of Illinois (D), Feinstein of California (D), and Shelby of Alabama (R, note he flipped from Democrat to Republican four years prior to the impeachment). 

These thirteen remember the episode, and how dramatic things became.  The pressure compared to 1998?  I think it's intensified more than triple of what happened in 1998. 

An added question that I saw in the past week....if you had any of the Senators pass away in this impeachment period....what would happen?  Well....the impeachment rules have no features to cover that.  Logic would dictate that they'd suspend the impeachment for roughly ten days, during which....the funeral would occur.  The replacement Senator?  No one says if they'd allow the guy to be seated, or if they'd delay his entry until after the impeachment ended.  This might be left to McConnell to direct or make a decision over. 

If some Senator had a heart attack or stroke?  No rule covers that either.  Could a Senator vote from his bed?  No rule.  Could the Senator miss the entire hearing while in bed, and still vote?  No rule. 

This Hillary-Runs Scenario

This past week, it's been brought on a couple of fronts that this whole impeachment business may lead to Hillary Clinton coming out of the shadows, and ending up as the Presidential candidate after the Democratic convention.  So let's examine the scenario.

First, take into consideration that most all Democrats in DC are existing in a bubble at this point....watching CNN and MSNBC and attending parties with like-minded people, believing they will impeach's just a question of the timing.

So you come to Pence being President (in this Democratic fantasy).  With no one organized to run a campaign in the start of the primary season....Pence would be it, and without any real funding.  In this fantasy....Pence can't do much and would be a 2-star candidate against the Democrats.

Then you come to the vote being divided enough for the Democrats....that no clear winner exists at the beginning of the convention.  Hillary would walk in, and declare herself. 

Hillary would be fresh, and able to quickly assemble cash-flow for campaign funds.  Hillary would only have to campaign for two months, and then get elected in November.


1.  Hillary turns 72 in October of 2020.  Whatever health issues she had in 2016....are still there and likely intensified.

2.  Trump would be standing there at the end of the impeachment, out of office, and likely sitting on 1-billion dollars of campaign funds.  He can pick any replacement person and bump them up in a matter of 24 hours.

3.  There is potential that in this impeachment hearing, Hillary's name might come up and some connections back to the Ukraine might occur. 

4.  Finally, CNN's value to the Democratic message will be firmly dissolved by the end of the impeachment hearing.  If you think viewership numbers are bad now....just wait.

It's a lousy scenario and only works if you can find 20-odd Republicans in the Senate who'd be crazy enough to cross the line.  Frankly, I suspect that Hillary would be unable to get the same number of votes that she got in 2016.