Thursday, 27 February 2020

The Ten Things About This Political Season That Don't Make Sense

Just pondering:

1. If you watched any of the Democratic always seems like they (the candidates) were all running to be the President of Denmark, Sweden, or Scandinavia in general.

2.  Moderator-wise for the debates, it would seem like you'd be better off finding three barbers from Tusla, or four junkies from Little Rock....than these journalists selected.

3.   As much that was hyped-up about Cuba and Venezuela during the debates.....I suspect that none of these candidates would have much success in Cuba or Venezuela....if running there.  In both cases, you'd have to go and promise off toilet-paper as an incentive to vote for the candidate.

4.  It's a total mystery on why some people seem so visibly upset about blacks or Latinos being Republicans.

5.  With the 2016-version of has to wonder if the 2020-version of Trump-derangement-syndrome is better or worse.

6.  If socialism is the answer (as seen in so many of the debate episodes)....what's the question?

7.  Bloomberg has said that if you have a weapon in the are more prone to being dead.  To be kinda honest, your odds of death....with or without the gun in the 100-percent.  It'll come sooner, or later....preferably after the November election.

8.  There are forty-plus versions of Joe Biden.  Some versions even suggest that he played shortstop for the Pirates in 1966.  One version suggested that he golfed with Fidel Castro.  And one version has said that he's the guy that invented Ms Pac-Man.

9.  That Acosta-guy for single-handedly helping Trump win the election.

10.  If you use FBI-math, there's approximately 166,000 Russian agents in the US....working to destabilize the November election.  Thank God that the FBI is hard at work.....looking for them.  We already had 455,000 non-Russians working to destabilize the November election.....we didn't need any extra help.