Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Odd Subject Over Wuhan

So you go and look at factual pollution numbers.

On the index, using Atlanta as a comparison....on the PM-10 situation....Atlanta has only a '19' rating (meaning marginal pollution situation).....while Wuhan has a '124' rating, for air pollution (meaning harsh situation in the extremes).

On the pollution index ranking.....whatever Atlanta has.....it's twice that bad for Wuhan.

Protests over this?  Both in 2018 and 2019.....various groups in Wuhan tried to make a protest movement about the local situation.

My humble belief?  Maybe it's not discussed much by news journalists, but in terms of lung damage (if you've lived in Wuhan for the past twenty years).....you've probably accumulated a fair amount of dust and soot into your system, and it's affecting your lung capacity.  So a fairly decent flu starts up, and your immune system isn't four-star to start with, and your odds of dying rapidly go up if you smoke, or have a secondary condition existing already.

Ten Observations Over 2016's Path to 2020's Election

1.  Let's be honest, about forty-percent of the Democratic voting crowd, have never recovered from 2016, and their whole focus is to knock Trump out before November's election. 

2.  Lets also be honest, Bernie Sanders would have won the 2016 primary, if he'd had a level playing field, and a neutral news media. 

3.  Lets be also honest, and admit that the strategists knew that Mike Bloomberg had several 'flaws', and could not be put in front of the public back in the summer of 2019.  As things go now, Bloomberg has hit the point where he could spend $50-million a week, and only gain 10,000 voters per week.

4.  Honestly, that impeachment idea didn't really bring in the support that was anticipated, and the news media expended a couple of silver bullets, so there's not much left to fire with....at this point.

5.  Did all that impeachment chatter really give Trump around a hundred campaign videos?  Yeah, compliments of Shifty and the team.

6.  Some of us will miss AOC, if she is beaten in her district in November.  She was pure entertainment to watch.

7.  Blacks finally asking stupid questions of the Democratic Party?  If Trump takes 40-percent of the black vote....then the whole agenda plan for the past thirty years for the Democratic Party....can be thrown out.

8.  Can a small-town gay mayor run an effective campaign for the Presidency?  Simple answer.....no.

9.  The Russians must have at least 300,000 people working day and night....to corrupt up the American voting system.  Or.....they have no one assigned to the job, and it's just all stupid luck.

10.  All of the people who threatened to leave America if Trump won in 2016.....are still oddly here, registered to vote, and say meekly that they will vote for Bernie.