Saturday, 14 March 2020

Just Something to Think About

Someone brought this up, and it's pondering upon (with a decent cocktail or chilled beer):

Somewhere in Wuhan (China)....maybe in a 2-star lounge with dancing girls and free biscuits....some local guy got the Wuhan-virus (hopefully, he wasn't kissing a lounge-dancer).

Sixteen weeks pass, and now the Prime Minister of Canada's wife and Tom Hanks of acting fame....have the Wuhan-virus....while bypassing 99.99-percent of the rest of us.  Even Brittney Spears and all of the current New York Yankees squad seem to be Wuhan-virus-free.

After much just remains a mystery how that single Chinese guy drilled down into society and in twelve connected to the PM's wife and Tom.

Note, I haven't been to Wuhan, or been in any 2-star lounge in decades, or hung out with dancing girls, or been at any establishment with free biscuits.  Nor have I contracted the Wuhan-virus.