Saturday, 2 June 2018

The C-CNN Network

For the past day, I've been looking over this hyped up chatter and news 'fakeness' over the use of the word "C*#t".  I debated if I could even utter the word, or use '**' or '##'.

Being from Alabama, it's allowable to utter the word in the company of a guy....but it typically meant a negative thing.  Like you'd come up to your cousin to describe some grocery clerk who insulted you, and then you said '....that c*#t didn't offer any apology'.

Or you might be talking about your ex-wife and how she called up the cops on you for some business.  Then you'd refer to her as a 'c*#t'.

Course, it's awful rare in Alabama for some women to use this language when discussing another woman, unless of course.....under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Naturally, if you were in the company of 'trailer trash' women....they might utter more often than Baptist church ladies.

These trailer trash gals would probably use the word 'd*#k'  about five times more often, in describing an incredibly stupid guy that they had to deal with.

The thing that gets me is that the folks at CNN very quick adapted to 's**thole countries' weeks ago, and now quickly adapted to c*#t.  If you were playing the alcohol shot a space of sixty minutes (if it were one shot for each mention of c*#t), you'd probably have twelve shots easily in one hour.  And around the prime-time might even get up to eighteen shots in one hour.

In fact, we've reached the point with CNN where they utter c*#t so often, you might think it's the C*#T network.  I would imagine at some homes in Alabama....the parents have gone ahead and labeled the network as an adult-channel and Wandy/Johnny longer have access to CNN.

So this bring me to my final observation.  Can CNN ever return to normal?  What if Trump runs and wins in make a full eight years of c*#t-activity with CNN?  Can people handle that much c*#t?

The 4.8 Percent Story

It's a small note but kinda interesting....GDP forecast now for 2018?  4.8-percent.

The last time that this number was exceeded?  1984.  You remember that period....Alf, Reagan, etc.

Oh, we did come close in 2000 (4.6-percent) and 4.5-percent in both 1997/1998).

And that period with Bush and Obama?  Mostly around 2-percent.  The year that Obama worked up the Iran nuke deal and release of the money....well, we did bump up to 2.9-percent. 

What if we match or exceed 4.8-percent in 2019?  More jobs.....more black kids hired up....more folks paying taxes....more folks happy with life.