Wednesday, 15 August 2018


I worked for a company once that hired some *wonder* for a web position.  About four hours into their employment, you knew this was a screwed up individual, a slacker, absolute zero in team skills and seemed to be nuts.  Around the fourth day, they brought the person in with HR and dumped them.  I see Omarosa in the same light.

I went to look up the VP Gore period when Omarosa was first hired, almost 20 years ago.  They had all these recommendations.  She went four jobs in six months and was then ^dumped^.

Yesterday, I watched a 15 minute clip from The Apprentice Show with her.  She seemed to be some drama queen, with no management skills or patience.

So, my prediction.

1.  A search warrant episode by next week, on the tape business.  She will go nuts at the door and have to be restrained.

2.  Quickly to be brought into a grand jury, with fed charges.  More drama there when she refuses to cooperate.

3.  First lawyer is fired, and she has trouble in finding someone to represent her.

4.  She will refuse to declare all tapes, to the point where the judge puts into mention, maybe up to two weeks.

5. She will be ordered for a mental eval.

6. The WH team then files a case against her for disclosure issues.  Figure this to be a 150,000 dollar episode minimum.

7.  On the tapes, she will be convicted and get four months in prison.

8. Jobs after this?  None.  Some idiot will use her three months as a radio host, and find that fewer than 50,000 listen to her.

9. She will eventually be noted as bi-polar.

Trump?  Ten years into the future, he will be crazy enough her again.