Saturday, 2 May 2020

What Path Now for Joe Biden?

It is a curious mess that we are now drawn into.

So much hyped up debate action for roughly seven months....with twenty potential contenders.  So by the first primary/caucus (Iowa), we were down to around seven serious players.....of which Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden led.

By Super-Tuesday (3 Mar), we were basically down to strictly Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.  By 8 April, Bernie gave up.

But now, we have this sexual accusation which has made Joe Biden into a problem.  Under normal circumstances.....Joe would be pushed aside and someone else would proceed on.  However.....there is no such person.

A mess for the convention to clean up?  On top of that, you have the growing dementia 'chatter' going on, and it's pretty obvious that Joe is not going to be able to lead the country by January of next year.

So my chief complaint is that this fake 'drama' built into the debate action....for almost eight months was unnecessary.  It's also not necessary to have the primary action from 3 February to 11 August (now set for Conn). 

The stage needs to be set where a revolving month (say four weeks) are open for various debates (never more than six individuals) to start in the election year itself around May.  The primary season would start two weeks after the last debate (3rd week of June), and officially end in two weeks (the 7th of July).  All fifty states would conclude this at their choice of dates but it has to end by the first week of July.

A convention in August would occur, and we'd proceed on to 100 days of national campaigning.  I would then make a 'quiet-rule' where all journalists and news networks shutdown completely the final 24 hours before election-day. 

As for correcting this mess for Joe?  The convention basically has to pick one of two excuses now for Joe....either for sexual assault reasons....he's out, or for dementia.....he's out.  Either way, it kinda lays a negative perception of the former VP and Senator.

I think forty years from.....historians will have a problem in telling this story, without laughing. 

Simply Observations

1.  The odds of airline reservations picking up by mid-summer?

Look, just using Delta as an example....around late April, they'd cut 70-percent of flights.  You'd have to go and swear to folks that it's all 'fine' to sit next to some guy on the left and right of you.  Out of a hundred folks asked with the question, I would imagine that 80-percent would say that they'd only travel in a situation like this.....if this were serious (like some relative bad-off).

In this case, it's the fear, more than reality that is bothering folks.  Then you add to it....some TSA dimwit who seems all-sweaty to you.....wanting to check your britches, and touching in various ways.

So I just don't see a 50-percent flight plan being possible until early in 2021.  Can the airlines wait like that?  Probably not.

2.  This dip in Common Core testing....serious?

Basically, math and grammar skills are going down, in a trend-sort-of-way.  Unless something happens in the next year or two.....I don't see Common Core surviving.

As for the next phase?  Probably something called Common Core-Plus, and trying to convince you that things will improve, if you shove more money into this program.

Here's the thing, when you deliver 'Ricky' to college and they test him....saying he's got terrible skills in English and can only lead to one thing.  You will have to place Ricky in some stupid high-school-like class at the college and spend $3,000 paying for two to three classes for Ricky to get smart enough to attend college.

What was high school about?'s there to baby-sit Ricky and you will eventually have to pay for some fake school existing between high-school and make up for the fraudulent schooling that exists today.

3.  Is it true that you are 4.8 times more likely to die from the Coroniavirus, if your governor is a Democrat?

Someone did the numbers business and came to this analysis.  Now, there are some problems with this.

First, you could be in Alabama, where we have a fake Republican pretending to be such.....when she is mostly a blue-Democrat pretending to be a Republican.

Second, some states are faking their death numbers, by saying when you died of a heart was Corona instead.

Finally, if this were ALL'd suddenly get tens of thousands of people up and leaving Democratic states.  So don't start such a story and pass it around.  Those fools need to stay where they are.

Simply Observations

1.  Anything odd about these demonstrations going on?

Well....they appear to be in states with Democratic governors.  All of them.  So, it is a bit odd.

2.  Are these interview helping or hurting Biden?

Just the viewpoint of a southerner.....but he just looks like he's 95 years old (he's actually 77).  And that's with makeup on.

3.  Whats the relationship between dying of Coronavirus or dying of regular disease in India?

From 2017 numbers, roughly 9-million folks a year who die in India from disease.  So far in 2020, from world totals.....around 240,000 folks have died. 

4.  This 'Morning Joe' piece where Mika asks the sexual assault question....does Joe do well?

Well.....he came out looking like some 4-year-old kid who'd had seven cookies stolen out of grandma's cookie-jar.  I actually felt sorry for the guy, and just shaking my head over Mika.....she had to ask the question and it really lessen Joe's reputation.

5.  Meat rationing coming to GI's commissary operations outside of the US?

Well....NOT yet.  But if you walk into a commissary by mid-day (in Germany), the meat area is mostly bare.  Now, the odd thing here, if you walk into a German, there's tons of pork and beef sitting there.

6.  There's some rumor that the Oscars have flipped the rules on voting....true or false?

Well, they made this funny rule that a movie doesn't necessarily have to be released in the theaters.  So a TV movie, or a streaming release, or virtually anything....can be voted upon.

Now, it's just me saying this.....but Ricky Gervais's 'Afterlife' ought to be put up for a Oscar, but it's done into segments, and there's six episodes to season two.

7.  What did Eva Murray say about Joe Biden?

Lets not get excited, but Eva says that at age fourteen.....Joe complimented her on the size of her boobs.  Now, this was in 2008, and at some dinner function....maybe Joe was hyped up on cocktails, and just said something minor.

Maybe Joe says stuff like that a lot.  Course, it makes you wonder, if Joe said to 100 14-year-old gals.....what's the statistical odds that five would have winked at him and pointed to some broom-closet in the party area?  Let's try hard not to think about such a scenario.