Friday, 8 September 2017

Ten General Rules For College

Occasionally, I will offer advice, and this particular segment centers on college-bound kids and punks.

1.  College isn't free.  Someone (maybe not you) is paying for your tuition, or you might be crazy enough to borrow the money.  Don't waste  time like you did in high school.

2.  Look around on day one of the freshman year.  Twenty-five percent of the folks you meet....won't be back next year.  They were either not ready for the situation, or just thought you could slide by.

3.  If you got some social agenda and intend to break up classes or lectures....remember that the system is built to suspend you, or terminate you from the school.

4.  Ask about professors and their quality ahead of time.  You could be sitting in a class with an Einstein-like guy giving you tons of information, or some dimwit named Wanda who will give a 3x5 card worth of information over a whole semester.

5.  If you came for NCAA tickets or sports probably won't be around for the second year.

6.  If you get into girl-trouble and there's legal accusations....the real cops might come for you.  Just remember that.

7.  In four years, that degree will be your meal-ticket in life.

8.  Your chief acquisition in life from college is the ability to analyze, prioritize, and assess what's in front of you.....the knowns and the unknowns.  If by the end of the second get the feeling that none of this is coming need to asses the program and if you need to move out of the university.

9.  If you fall into some company of individuals with some radical social agenda....ask yourself where exactly they will be in twenty years....working at some pizza shop or manager of some program.  At that point, you might want to separate yourself from these new friends, and move on.

10.  The world needs people with French literature degrees, and expertise in's just that a dozen or so of these folks are needed each year.  The world needs engineers, scientists, and businessmen.....hundreds of thousands are needed each year.  If you want to major in penguin better be one of the top ten guys in the world, or have a plan 'B' to work at some airport car rental shop later in life.  

Nine Minutes to Understand Reality

It's a good video piece with David Graeber who gives you nine minutes of discussion on Bull$hit jobs.

Around twenty years ago, I came to work in an organization that had several individuals who basically just showed up and found a dozen ways to pretend to work....but never really did much of anything. They were actually paying these people $80,000 a year for doing almost nothing.

After a while, I came to recognize managers...who were sitting there in Bull$hit jobs and pretending to manage a dozen people, and their services really weren't required.

Graeber talks about this trend.  He points out this interesting fact....that under capitalism....these type jobs wouldn't normally exist.

In the past thirty-odd years, with all this automation would think that we'd weed out these jobs with no pay-back.  But no....we actually work to create more of these jobs.

After watching the whole nine-minute piece, I came to this odd question....where do things go now?  Obviously, we aren't going to admit that fifty-percent of the general work-force in the world are doing things with no value, but can society and capitalism continue to allow this to exist?

I look back at the American farm culture....where you needed two or three 'hands' to run a 200-acre farm, and today, with single guy can achieve the same results.  That guy is not stupid enough to go and create side-work for two extra hands to be hired, and simply pay them out of his pocket.  He keeps the money and eliminates the Bull$hit work required.

Maybe there are some sectors where this type of fake work won't survive, but you just have to wonder about the rest of the job sector.  Are we existing in a world where we really don't have anything useful for a quarter of the population to work upon?  What does that say?

Watch the's worth the nine minutes.