Tuesday, 12 March 2019

You Might Be a Fascist

Probably ninety-nine percent of people aren't in any way or shape, or form....a fascist.  But in case you had some thought about yourself, and where you might have lost your way......here are ten ways to tell if you've become a fascist.

1.  You are driven to one central belief on priorities and politics in life, and you expect your kids, your spouse, your co-workers, your fellow church-members, and neighbors.....to believe in that stance.

2.  Disagreement isn't possible.  If you brought up the idea over politics, and you find yourself deep into this debate, and unwilling to compromise to the other guy's position....that you continue arguing, or you 'shun' the guy.

3.  Silencing or shunning people is the next step if you can't convert them to your agenda.  Silencing might be done via social media, or just telling people that you are nutty over your persuasion in life.  Silencing might even mean identifying your wife or kids....as the guilty party, and just avoiding them.

4.  Dissention and disunity will quickly draw your criticism and frustrations.  There's your goal, and there is only opposition in existence.

5.  You continually talk about the opposition as being facistist.  They are the dissenters, or the resistance crowd.  Among your peers, this conversation will occur a great deal of the time as you boast of the resistance being encountered and how you need to 'win'.

6.  Symbology matters.  A hoodie, a patch on your shoulder, a particular type of boot, a flag....all of these are symbols of the agenda. You always have some symbol in your surroundings.

7.  You seem to talk alot about freedom of speech, yet continually deny that right to anyone wanting to have a serious conversation on a topic near and dear to you.

8.  Capitalism always seem negative to you.  Yet for some odd reason, you don't really embrace the other side.  So your chatter is mostly that you want to fix or resolve capitalism.

9.  You seem to talk a lot about racism, hatred, greed, evil, etc.....but it's mostly for show purposes.

10.  Bringing change to resolve a problem is continually your theme.  But after some change has occurred, someone comes around to remind you that things were supposed to be better....but they don't see any improvement, and you just kinda grin at the guy.

How to Provide 'Free' College for a Number of People

First, I'm not a socialist and I don't believe in the expression....free college for all people.  But I would these five ways to build a 'free' path:

1.  Offer a 'test-out' path at the end of the 10th grade for high school kids to wrap up a certificate and leave high school.  It doesn't matter if only 10-to-15 percent of kids take it or not, or that only half of them would pass....just that you can subtract kids from the 11th and 12th grade, and lessen teachers.  You can conclude at the end of the 11th grade, probably 50-percent of kids would take the test, and half of them would wrap up high school.  The incentive here?  You offer one entire year at a local community college, as 'free' tuition. 

2.  Force four-year public colleges to provide a fiscal report over how many professors they have, versus staff-members.  Grade them.  Let the public know that there are 15 non-instructor staff members per each professor.  Most colleges would realize that they've made the staff direction more expensive, with no pay-back.

3.  Offer a federal government deal for a community college or trade-school deal....50-percent off the subsequent 2nd semester classes, if you get a 'A' or 'B' in the first semester. 

4.  Go and admit that useless degrees have no payback in life, and don't sponsor or provide any 'deals' for them.

5.  Flunking out across the board in the first semester?  Dump that kid entirely out of the program.  Don't waste time or money on them. 

The 'Truth' Over Trump and Daylight-Savings-Time (DST)

Yesterday, President Trump announced that DST ought to end, period.  Polls done from two years ago indicated that three out of four Americans want DST ended.  But there is one little qualifier in this desire.....they want the later sunset, so you'd lock into DST.....the March date, and then never revert back to the 'norm'.

(Sarcasm on) With President Trump now advocating this?  Well....it's a Russian conspiracy.  There's no doubt, Putin put him up to this, and it's built to destroy America.  Hopefully, through the use of congressional investigations, we can prove his connection to Putin on this, and how the ultimate plan to destroy DST.....would destroy America.  (Sarcasm off)

Yes, there are probably 300,000 Americans right now....with conspiracy thoughts in their mind and now resolved to fight any effort to dissolve DST.

It's almost comical that anyone would get that 'stupid' and think that DST is connected to the Russians, but that's how far we've come as a society in 2019.