Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The $299k House?

Over forty-eight hours....the one key thing that amazes me about the bin Laden this continual talk about the 'million-dollar-house'.

I've seen the pictures....the video....and the maps of the compound.  Personally, I can tell you Huntsville...some compound like this....would not go for more than $300k max. With only a couple of windows and a 18-foot fence?  No trash pick-up and the folks burn right there?  An mostly fading white concrete surrounding the place?

You know, there is a perfect movie here. Take those ‘re-sell’ house guys on the Bravo channel and fly them into Pakistan to remarket and sell this house. The challenge is to fix it up and market it for $1 million.

We could do ten shows....maybe bring in the Housewives of Atlanta for a weekend to size up the house...maybe even bring Dog the bounty-hunter in to catch a couple of locals while staying at the house.  We could put Charlie Sheen up for a week and let him give us his honest opinion.  Heck, we could even fly in ex-celebrity types from the 1970s (Hasselhoff, Flava Flav, and Bill Murray) to discuss the old days.

All in all....this house is a legend and a rather-cheap looking place.  And it'll be forever remembered as a mansion in Pakistan that housed the bin Laden

The Second Most Happiest Folks After the Americans

Thanks to the President keeping Gitmo open....thanks to the President for keeping a hardline on gathering intelligence using methods best left unmentioned....thanks to the President for keeping the Pakistani government as "best friends".....thanks to the President keeping intact a significant military force, bin Laden was taken down.

Somewhere in Europe....some folks are shaking their heads over this deal arranged for the Nobel Peace Prize and the various understandings they had two years ago that the US would be eased back into a wussy European-style government.  I would imagine some folks in Stockholm are gritting their teeth....things just aren't going the way that they had imagined.

So off on the streets of Paris today....there's this French liberal arts professor....sipping coffee with his friend Doctor Huns of Norway.  The conversation will be pointed over the shape of liberal arts, fine Parisian coffee, the shape of French women today in modern society, and the failures of President Obama.  The duo will go on and on for three hours arguing about failed promises....drinking up to six cups of fine Parisian coffee and both gentlemen getting a bit upset about things beyond their control.  At the end....with a high dose of caffeine in their system....they will both stand their bill and leave with a bit of negativity.

The happiest folks after the Americans today?  Mostly folks who own European coffee cafes and are seeing all these whiners come around and drink triple the amount of coffee that they would normally drink.  This will go on for weeks as the liberal arts "anti-American" intellectuals discuss the terrible state of American enthusiasm and sip cup after cup of coffee.   And frankly, the coffee cafe owners would like more American action like this.

Just a humble opinion.

When Dirt is Dirt

There's this NFL player.....Rashard Mendenhall.....who decided to come out and criticize folks who had celebrated the bin Laden's death.  If you watch around on various channels.....every journalist was able to find that one guy out of a thousand who took this position.  For the Pittsburgh Steelers....who Mendenhall plays kinda embarrassed the team a bit.

Somewhere in the midst of Mendenhall's comments.....he even went on to have doubts about bin Laden being the guy behind the 9/11 attacks.  His words: "We'll never know what really happened. 'I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style."

Yesterday.....I sat on a bus here in Arlington and heard a gentleman attempt to give a 90-second intellectual commentary that lined up with Mendenhall’s comments. He was talking to his associate and I sat there listening to this. I think it’s mostly an intellectual game that you could see him playing....taking the opposite position and hoping to convince people that you have a point.

An intellectual kid would do the same thing by eating dirt and then trying to convince you that it actually has taste and nutrients. You listen to the kid for moment, watch him eat the dirt, and then simply shake your head because in your heart of know that dirt is dirt.  Somehow, with know his comments equal dirt as well.

Keep Moving Along

Its interesting to watch the various debate topics of today.

Orders on Osama to take him.....orders on Osma to kill him.

Osama's wife killed.....Osama's wife merely shot in the leg.

Osama had a gun at bedside.....Osama had no weapons.

Sixteen percent of America believes in no birth certificate for the President.....Sixteen percent of the Muslim world believes Osama is still living.

Pakistan knew little to nothing about the million-dollar compound.....Pakistan had to know everything about the million-dollar compound.

War with Islam all but over.....War with Islam will intensify over next month.

It's best to describe the news of the day as somewhat comical.  If I could have imagined ten years ago the details of the day after Osama was shot.....I could not have come near the amount of high school-style reporting going on.

I suspect by the end of the week that Doctor Phil will interview several of the neighbors to Osama bin Laden and treat them for bin Laden-ism and send them to some two week rehab center in Colorado Springs.  I suspect that Oprah will interview some random Navy Seals and make them cry on camera at pictures of bunnies being mistreated.  I'd even suspect that VP Joe Biden might admit to the public that the entire plan was his to start with.

It's best to simply keep moving and hope that bigger news by Friday consumes this.  I'd suggest Charlie Sheen admitting his entire act over the past one hundred days was bogus, and that might be big enough to end the Osama story.