Sunday, 27 March 2016

Scalia Killed by CIA-Hooker-Hired Gal?

So, the way this story started was some National Enquirer reporter who was at the El Toreo Bar in Ojinaga, Mexico.  Ojinago?  It's half-way between Del Rio and El Paso.

The El Toreo Bar?  Unknown.  Google doesn't reference it and it might be some new joint that just opened up.  The odds a National Enquirer reporter being in the middle of nowhere?  Unknown.

The reporter says that a $2,000 a night hooker was employed by the CIA, and injected Scalia with a poison in his butt (not his tight, arms, or neck....but butt).

Why the CIA did this instead of the FBI, Homeland Security, or Pentagon?  Unknown.

If this were true, well, it'd create a big mess.  How many senators are entertaining Mexican high-cost hookers.....nightly?  They might be worried.  Marie might be a hired CIA-killer?

What guy would be willing to pay $2,000 a night for a Mexican hooker......that's the other problem with this story.

The problem is this.....the National Enquirer has transformed itself into a gossip piece and absolutely no limit.  It's so bogus, that I could sit in Germany....research the bar spoken about, and realize that it doesn't exist, so the story has to be false.