Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Church (Club) of England

The Church of England has worked itself up into an interesting discussion on God, his holy planet, and fracking.

It's hard to figure how you'd make this discussion work.  The idea laid out by the Church of that God has given us a planet with limited resources, and we should not destroy the work of his creation of this planet.

Naturally.....fracking is the work of the devil (not said but you can't avoid missing that connection).

When you go over to their site....there's an entire page where the ministers of the church have written up a simplified version of what fracking is about and how it does harm.  At one point, they note reports of fracking contaminating US wells....yet there's isn't one substantiated case where this has ever been proven and no court has ever acknowledged this and given a claim to anyone.

The ministers then go to note pollution created by transport trucks involved in fracking, and the leaking of storage tanks on fracking sites.  Again, no state or federal authority has ever identified leaking tanks that were connected to fracking sites.  As for the pollution of transport trucks? could make the case that people driving their cars to a church service.....create as much or more pollution.

I looked over the Church of England's web site.  There's a flurry of activity connected to oil, natural gas, global warming, global cooling, and climate change.  

Naturally, all of these issues relate to man's own fault.  If God wanted the Earth to heat up....he'd just make it happen, without the help of man.  If God wanted to chill the Earth....he'd just wave a hand and make it happen....without the aide of man.  If God wanted the fracking oil to special and precious, and never be used.....God probably would have dumped all this specially blessed oil a great deal deeper and made fracking a terrible pain.

It would seem that souls and blessings....come second to the Church of England....where they worry a bit on man, science, and climate episodes.  Would they pray to God to stop global warming?  My humble guess is no.  Would they pray to God to push the holy fracking oil deeper into the Earth to prevent man from using it?  No....I doubt it.  Would they pray that God lays down a mighty tidal wave to wash away all of the whale hunter ships from Japan?

I'm not sure what the ministers for the Church of England really pray for.  And I'm probably going out on the limb for this comment....but I doubt if they are capable of praying for much...except for the health of their membership.....ever dwindling each and every year.  Dying off?  Well....due to climate change and some newly discovered suffering called "age-change" is drastically affecting the church.

Yes, age-change is hurting the world and we probably need to elevate it to a worldly problem.  And sadly, it was probably the one thing that God just figured was right to inject into our society.  Fracking?  Well....if you ask me.....God must have handed it down to the right guys....and has no intention of interfering.

The Jury Episode

It is an oddball story.

There was this New Mexico guy who did some really stupid things, and ended up with a murder conviction (against his old girlfriend).  He also was convicted on an armed robbery situation.  In court, he really wasn't going to have much of a chance.

Somewhere in the early court processes, they were selecting a jury of his peers.  Some guy got called down to the local courthouse, and he admits in the interview process......that he was Latino and a US citizen, but his language ability just wasn't good enough for this kind of stuff.  You'd admire a guy who would at least admit this and not get himself deep into trouble.  The court accepted that and dismissed him.  They had plenty of others to select from.

Well....after the conviction of this guy.....his attorney goes through various appeals, and decides that dismissing this Latino guy with bad English abilities was wrong.  It goes all the way to the New Mexico Supreme Court.

This week, the New Mexico state Supreme Court determined that it wasn't right to dismiss the guy on the grounds of bad English.  So they hinted that in the future in the state.....even if folks admit this can't dismiss them from jury duty.

Course, this gets you to pondering.

You could be arrested for a major crime, and get into find that there's five Latinos and one Russian on the jury of twelve.  None are very good at English, and it's noted early on.

There's only two scenarios to play out here.  Scenario one is that everyone just winks at each other and the jury descends into chaos as they discuss the case after it's hand to them.  You are guaranteed a hung-jury, and it's the singular fault of the state justice system.

The second scenario is that you demand a translator to stand there and translate everything for the Latinos and the Russian.  Good translation or lousy translation?  Well, that would bring on this interesting scene where suddenly five Latino folks perk up and understand something totally different, or the Russian guy stops everything to say that his translator is speaking Russian with a French-accent.

I'm a worldly kind of traveler and know all the problems associated with getting into trouble in some foreign country.  You just don't do anything stupid to get into trouble while in France, or Italy, or Honduras.  If you end up in their court system, and they don't really care about your language issues much.  The judge and jury will speak their language, and you might be lucky as the accused to have some translator providing you some help with what's said in court.  Beyond don't get any special favors.

The US is different.

A court episode could be some bold experiment.  A court room could be some opera where two or three languages are spoken.  A court could be where some attorney wins simply based on bold acting in front of a jury.  Sadly, it's not what you'd really expect in a republic.