Wednesday, 18 September 2019

This Drone Threat

When you go and analyze the attack on Saudi starts to bring up an unusual scenario which might scare some Americans.

So you go and imagine 25 Iranian-made drones being sent in pallets and Columbia. 

You mix the pieces and parts in different shipping crates, and forward them onto California's port.

Then you arrange for six Iranian technicians to hike over the Canadian border where they'd be taken by van over to a eastern state....where their twenty-five drones lay in pieces. 

They spend three months assembling the drones, and then prepare for X-day.

Each of these drones can carry four RPGs.  So you have a hundred RPGs to use on various targets.

On X-day.....within 500 miles of DC, you arrange the drones on an old runway, and they take off at daybreak.  By lunch, they've launched their RPGs on targets in DC, and all hell breaks loose. 

Even with minor damage, and less than a thousand do you react to ensure the safety and security of the nation?  And the threat of drones?  It's way more than people think.  Dams, electrical plants, bridges?  They could all be on some stupid target list.  Even Yankee Stadium could be on a list. 

So, we've kinda crossed a boundary today, with this drone attack in Saudi Arabia.