Monday, 7 January 2019

Why Americans Love Gutter-Talk and Mob-Mentality's the thing, if you had a group of working class Americans from beyond urbanized areas....the vast majority (over 90-percent) would tell you some curious perspectives.

First, they'd let you know that when you step into a interstate diner where 'truckers' hang out, they expect gutter-talk.  When they step into a Texas honky-tonk, they expect gutter-talk.  When they go to a Klan meeting, they expect gutter-talk.  When they land on some French beach with a bunch of Army characters being shot at by Nazis, they expect gutter-talk.

But those are environments where gutter-talk can survive and flourish.  When you walk into a stock-holders meeting, you don't expect gutter-talk.  When you walk into a Wal-Mart....dealing with some return issue, you don't expect gutter-talk.  When you attend some parent-teachers meeting, you don't expect gutter-talk.

So when some House member or Senator gets all hyped up and used **@#$##@#%, you kinda stand there and wonder why the member had to resort to gutter-talk.  And once you start the trend, would we have to get used to 'Moth(*&@#er' in every third sentence?  Would it just turn into being normal?

In some ways, it's like a Southpark episode now, with fifth-grade kids cursing, and no teacher willing to correct the behavior, and then just grinning at the camera.

Second, mob-mentality might flow well at a WWE-wrestling event, or some Baptist revival episode in Alabama ('mobs for Jesus' event).....but folks tend to shy away from mob-mentality.  Again, it's like fifth-grade kids trying to pretend they are upset, and pretending mob-mentality achieves something (it usually doesn't).

But here's the real bottom line of all this gutter-talk and mob-mentality business.....after you look long and hard at it, it's fake.

Yes....fake gutter-talk, and fake mob-mentality.  It's scripted in various ways.

They want to make you think that they are really gutter-talk and trash-talk individuals, but to be honest, until the last year....they've probably only uttered Mo@#$#$#@# or F#$^ about an average of three times a year (usually when the transmission blew, or they walked into the basement to find four inches of water standing there).

Fake mob-mentality?  Ask the mob-crowd what they've ever achieved via their mob-pretending.  There will be this long pause, and other than rolling some toilet paper around various lawns, that's their big achievement in life as a mob.

So it's a joke?  Yeah.  At some point by summer of 2019, the public will be giving out awards for fake gutter-talk and everyone will be laughing over how the joke got picked up by the journalists.