Thursday, 31 March 2016

Metro Woes

At least twenty different news sources are covering the item.....the DC Metro subway system is in serious trouble.  After the inspection from two weeks ago....what they will say is that they really need a lot of cash, and will have to shut down entire lines.....for weeks and weeks.  You could be looking at six months of serious work with massive problems in getting people to work.

The money?  They won't really put this on the table to say the you get the feeling that we are probably talking about minimum of one billion dollars.

Federal, state, and public service folks are suppose to gather at the Mayflower Hotel and discuss some of the issues.

They don't really want to raise any more fares, or cut any service.....but that can only occur if Maryland, Virginia and DC agree....along with the federal funnel massive amounts of money into a renovation project.

I sat there from 2010 to the summer of 2013.....utilizing the Metro system weekly and amazed at the bandaged effect of the various routes through the region.  Course, if you go to New York'd say that DC is light-years ahead of New York.

What bothers me about this whole deal is that Metro shuts down for various weekend periods after each conduct renovation and maintenance.  They've been doing this for a decade.  So, what exactly have they been wasting time upon.....that delayed all this current crisis to be so major?  It would be interesting to know, but I guess the key thing is.....they want a billion-odd dollars to fix what they haven't already fixed.