Monday, 7 September 2015

Wise Words from a Dentist

Some journalist did an interview with the Cecil-the-Lion killer-dentist.  At the end of the conversation....the dentist kinda admitted that if he'd known the lion had a name and was noteworthy.....he never would have killed the lion.

Being from Alabama, I took a moment to ponder upon his wise words.

Generally, you learn a thousand and one things as you grow up on a farm.  Around lesson number 644....there's this important bit of wisdom....never name any animal on the farm that you might have to sell or butcher one day.

Things get painfully difficult when you've named some goat "Marvin" and you realize he's up next as the 'stew-goat'.

So, it occurs to me....the way ahead in Africa or anyplace for that prevent animals getting shot or to name them.  If you got sixteen-thousand lions in Africa.....they each need a name. If you have forty-five-thousand elephants....they each need a name.

Some ought to get royal-sounding Prince Albert or King Micky.  Some could get fictional names like Atticus Finch, T.S. Garp, or James Bond.  Some could be named after sports figures like Babe Ruth or Micky Mantle.

You would ID tag each animal and let folks know the status of Doctor Zhivago (the Rhino).

Course, as quickly as you create a fad like this.....some anti-name-the-animals crowd would start up, and prefer that we only use numbers.

Yeah, if you pay attention....occasionally, you will get a bit of's just that you have to think about how to use that wisdom and not be real stupid.