Monday, 15 July 2019

Trump, in Black and White

There are a hundred things that occurred in 2015 and 2016, which basically set up this landscape in which Hillary went onto lose, and Trump went onto win.

But since that day, the black and white landscape has simply continued on. 

The news media (cable news, newspapers, Time, Newsweek), along with social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), and the internet players....replaced Hillary, and become the opponent of Trump.  And the public simply agrees with the Trump passion to continue the 2016 campaign, into 2017, 2018, and 2019.  In some ways, the campaign cycle never ended.

Then you toss in the small-time players....retirees, farmers, working-class people....who seem to have no problem in writing out a check for $100 to the Trump campaign.  That wouldn't have happened in 1984 or even 2000.  In fact, some guys probably have no problem in throwing $50 a month toward the Trump campaign.

Maybe it's a theatrical type performance that we simply enjoy watching.  Watching some CNN situation develop and AOC goes live to make a 90-second idiot statement about about some topic, and suddenly our smart-phone vibrates and we realize that we just got a Twitter statement by Trump himself....over something that AOC said five minutes ago.....saying how stupid this AOC comment was, and not even giving the news media an hour to talk over her words.  So now the CNN guy is having to react to this live situation....MORE to the Trump comeback....than AOC's words of ten minutes ago.

All of this leads back to New York City....where Trump sat and watched the news element at work for over fifty years, and developed a New York style of comeback....which few can master.

The Pee dossier?  For most would have taken them down (even President Obama).  For Trump, he just flipped the whole thing over and there anything really true here?  No.  Oh....well....why are we bothering to discuss it then? 

This 2020 election?  It's actually a 'show' that most of us would really like to watch, and be entertained by.  Democracy at work?  Hell no.....but we've already moved on and generally disbelieve this whole fake discussion of democracy.   We want the Trump plain black and white.

The MAGA Story

"We export American exceptionalism, the great America, the land of liberty and justice. If you ask anybody walking on the side of the street somewhere in the middle of the world they will tell you, ‘America the great,' but we don't live those values here. That hypocrisy is one that I am bothered by. I want America the great to be America the great.

-- Ihan Omar

Over the weekend Omar tried to explain her patriotism angle, and centered on the thought that America was previously 'great', and she'd like to return it to the status of 'great'.

Amusingly enough, she's basically uttering the Trump phrase.....Make America Great Again.

How would she achieve this status?  Unknown.  She left that part out of the discussion. 

In professional wrestling, at the key point of really 'BAD' status, the tough evil wrestler will undergo some conversion situation, and suddenly appear in public as the 'GOOD' wrestler.  Perhaps in this case, Omar has been given the script, and will suddenly appear as a Trump-supporter, and shock everyone.