Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Trump, 2020, and the Five Trump-Cards

This is my script on how the next three years will play out.

1.  Trump will give the government of Mexico and Canada an invitation to discuss NAFTA, version 2.  Neither will agree to meet.  So Trump sets up the schedule to terminate NAFTA by summer of 2018.  This naturally gets the Democratic Senators and at least 15 GOP Senators in a very negative attitude.

2.  Trump notes the 15 GOP Senators and prepares a list of negative support for those Senators, particularly in the November 2018 election period.

3.  The three top Democratic candidates are: Senator Kamala Harris of California, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia. In the primary season....McAuliffe ought to be able to win Iowa and New Hampshire easily....then stall.  The remainder of this primary season will be mostly a fifty-fifty split between Harris and Zuckerberg.  Zuckerberg's debate skills will be his weakest point, but he'll have political activist on every campus in hopes of recruit most youth votes his way.  I also anticipate some students will be caught as dual-voters and find that this brings a hefty fine.

4.  I expect McConnell, McCain and at least five major GOP Senators to push funding toward a competitor against President Trump. All seven will deemed as lost to the GOP party and it'll be a 'truth-test of some type if your state representatives or Senators stand against the seven.

5.  The attempt to fix or rebuild the tax base?  Total failure.  You can thank both McCain and McConnell for their efforts.

6.  The repair to the Obama health care system?  It will NOT happen in 2017, 2018, or 2019.  By spring of least another two-million people will have quit the system, and most journalists will agree that the system is now completely unaffordable.  Yet fixing it under Trump will not be acceptable.

7.  The Democratic Primary will end with either Zuckerberg or Harris promising things to McAuliffe....probably allowing him to be the future Secretary of his votes.

8.  An odd investigation will conclude by summer of 2018 that at least one million votes in the US will be suspect (dual-voting, dead-voters, illegal voters).  An attempt by President Trump to fix this will fail....thanks to McCain and McConnell.  At least twelve states will write laws that repairs some of the mess but is challenged in the court system.  The Supreme Court (because of the nomination of Ted Cruz to the court) will take up the discussion and allow the states to toughen their laws.

9.  The thirty states that Trump won in 2016?  They will be the same thirty that he'll win in 2020.

10.  CNN, the NY Times, WaPo, and the majority of the media?  Because of the hype over 2017, 2018 and 2019....most everyone will be sick and tired of the 24-hour a day hype and start to hit 'mute' more often.

As for the five Trump-cards?  (1) NAFTA dissolving. (2) Voter reform.  (3) Tax reform to allow companies to bring their capital back into the US without massive taxation. (4) Fewer job regulations. (5) Stronger black middle-class identifying to Trump's vision of the future.  All of these will solidify the Trump agenda.

Footnote: By 2020, it'll be public view that Russian meddling probably didn't occur.  Some comedian will keep a week by week track on Russian meddling results, and some Russian comedian will show up to pretend to meddle....but mostly play pranks on journalists.

Added Footnote: Hillary Clinton will attempt to be part of the campaign for McAuliffe and fail miserably.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Temperature Has Risen to 451 Degrees

Back in the mid-1950s (1953 it was published)....we had this book to arrive from Ray Bradbury.  It's safe to say that Bradbury always wanted you to think about things....ponder....and realize consequences.

The book?  Fahrenheit 451.

The book centered around an American society which had fallen off the wagon....gotten itself into a terrible state of crisis, and decided that various ways of thinking could not be accepted.

The consequence of this society?  Burn books.

Various thugs were detailed out to the job of handling book destruction.  It's safe to say that their central theme was that books gave you various view-points, and that was an unwise thing.

I read the book Fahrenheit 451 in the late 1970s (after high school). At the time, I thought it would have been a great mandatory book to have read around age fifteen/sixteen....coupled with a civics class, and have an entire hour of debate over the wisdom or illogical sense of one single view-pont or burning books.  On the negative side, to was a fantasy type book.  I felt that from the two or three readings that I had of Bradbury material....they required reflection, heavy thought, and a lengthy discussion afterwards....something I hated about this type of reading.

In today's environment....various groups want one simplified direction on your beliefs, your politics, your economics, your health management, etc.  And that one belief or direction....has to be within their template.

What Bradbury suggests is that you can go down this street, and reach a point where you do irrational things and suffer consequences.  Then you are at some point where you need a fire of 451 degrees or burn a book.  Oddly, in this digital age....the fahrenheit topic doesn't exist.  You just go to burning, erasing, yanking, or destroying what is necessary for the core belief.

In the end, we may be standing around....wondering what this whole tirade was about and how we got to this point.

Friday, 18 August 2017

The 'Glue' War

If you go and ask most folks about the Spanish-American War....their knowledge level consists of a 3x5 card.  Maybe six lines at the very most.

Few will remember that William McKinley was President during this war.  Few will be able to cite the fraudulent causes to the war.  Most will say the key battle was the charge up San Juan Hill.

Oddly, in the vision of uniting the nation....thirty-three years will have passed, and the Spanish-American War become the healing point for the south, and demonstrated some unity and recovery among the GOP and Democratic Parties.

Various characters from Confederacy are brought back into the game (Joe Wheeler for example), and there is this unification factor that now shows one single nation existing....something that hadn't been demonstrated since 1776.

The war?  Few will realize that it lasted a total of three months, three weeks, and two days.

Yes, if you go and look at how the Rough Rider episode occurred....they had barely enough time to get folks signed up....hustled off to a brief boot-camp deal....put on ships, and delivered into Cuba for a brief three-week engagement.  After landing on 22 is noted in history that US troops were already pulling out by 7 August.  Oddly enough, it might be worth mentioning....the chief problem after defeating the Spanish...was Yellow Fever.  Every day that the Army stayed....meant more deaths due to the fever.

When you go and read over the various statues erected (now part of the protest chatter)....if you go and view the history of most of the statues....they come after the Spanish-American War.  Without the war?  I would question if the majority of the statues would have ever been erected.

Only something to think about.

The Remainder of the Charlottesville Year

Upon pondering, I will offer up the script (WWE-style) for the rest of 2017 on the Charlottesville year:

1.  School and university students are returning back to the classroom, and I would expect internal conflict, brawls, and teacher-led discussion episodes to create total chaos.

2.  By the end of September, the first major brawl with dozens of students will trigger one high school to shut down for two to three days.  Others will follow.

3.  University brawling will occur to the extent by the end of October for a couple of universities to either suspend dozens of students, or shut down the campus for a day or two to halt violence.  Several professors will be brought in, and read the riot-act by the Chancellor....being told that they are on thin-ice and might be let go.

4.  Police will say they are under-manned to handle this type of conflict, and will be of no real use for high schools or universities. On campus shootings will likely occur because of the limited public service of the police.

5.  Some major brawl will erupt at a southern NCAA school by the end of the local football game.  Protesters will end up in a fight with dozens wounded bad enough for ambulance trips.  The game will be suspended and the school will threaten to terminate the season.  Some football supporters will say it's not safe to attend games, stadiums will appear half-full for the last few games of the season.

6.  Protest crowds at several southern capitals will cause the legislative crowd to demand real police action, and several protesters end up dead because of attacks on police.

7.  The Attorney General will have hundreds of his people out to investigate high school brawls, college brawls, and protest reactions in southern capitals.

8.  At some point by'll be noted that some NFL stadiums are now affected by the confederacy campaign, the protests, and the brawls.  The brand-name NFL will be damaged by the fan and protest actions.  TV audiences will be pumped up by the violence.

9.  The illusionists with the GOP and Democrats will no longer be able to message anything to bring calm to the public.  Even the MSNBC journalist crowd will admit that this has gone way beyond sanity.

10.  Only frigid weather and snow-storms will help to lessen the violence.  Temporarily of course.

Advice Offered

I noticed this question and answer episode over at the San Jose Mercury News:

Q: I’m a 50-year-old guy who’s been divorced for about a year. I’m beginning to date again, but I’m uncertain who pays for what. A friend tells me that he always pays for the first date when he goes out to dinner with someone new. But after that, he splits the check 50/50, unless there’s a special reason not to, like it’s her birthday. This sounds reasonable to me. But what should I do if, on the second date, the woman doesn’t reach for her wallet as I reach for mine? My friend says he just tells his date, “It looks like your share’s about $X” and hands her the bill. I’m not sure I’m that brave.

I sat for a while over the question, and deemed it an Alabama-essential question to answer.

Solution: First, you need to take a deep breath, and take this date number one gal out to a Burger King or local bar-b-q joint.  Pool hall hamburger or bowl of chili would also be acceptable.  The key emphasis here is that you you don't want to spend more than $15 (with the Cherry Coke or Pabst-Blue-Ribbon included) on BOTH of you.  You pull out a crisp twenty-dollar bill (fresh, just ask the bank teller for new ones that came in) to pay entirely yourself.  You want to demonstrate character, charm, and hospitality.

If things go south on this first can figure it was a wise investment of the $15 and get over it quickly.  Also, if she were to note that she was vegan or had some negativity about's good to get this out there quickly, and you can move on.

My brother would likely suggest that the catfish menu option would be a better choice, but then you'd be talking about $9.99 each, and $1.50 for the tea....going well over the $23 range.  This would be the wrong move to show that you go out on the first date and splurge like that.

You should also take note how your date dressed for the dinner.  If she shows up in fairly upscale clothing and $80 might have tangled up with some high-maintenance gal.  If she shows up in some $9 Wal-Mart football jersey and $10 might have tangled up with some trailer-trash gal.  Being observant on the first date is fairly important.

Finally, if by the end of the first come to realize your gal carries around a Walther PPK 380 in her purse.....says she's got a better sauce recipe for ribs than the bar-b-q joint open to going to wrestling matches....enjoys attending state fairs....and sips mostly micro-brewery beer for the taste-level, you'd best situate the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dates real quick.

The Illusionists and Their Bag of Tricks

Over the past twenty to thirty years, I've had this impression of politics in America being fake or fraudulent.  It doesn't matter if it's Republicans or Democrats. It doesn't matter if it's at the national-level, state-level or city-level.  It doesn't matter if it's hyped up or down by news journalists, bloggers, lobbyists, or intellectuals.

In recent weeks, I've come to a new view of reality in America....that we are in the midst of a great magic show, with illusionists at work.  Charmers and soothsayers are hard at ensure your interest and dedication stay at some level which benefits them.

All the talk for seven years of some master-plan or repair solution over health-care in the Republicans?  An illusion. It was fake.  It was like you had some shaman at some trance-like sequence....talking in foreign speech and impressing everyone with the coming solution.

The Democrats?  They run the same illusion.  You can't dare go and fix health-care....but then you sit in the darken corner and admit that it's fairly screwed up and people are leaving the deal every month.

Journalists?  They work like some diviner who claims he's got the magic water-stick and can find the best place to dig a well.  At prime-time, with your cable-option, you can get the services of a fine 'fortune-teller' who predicts this party will fail, and this individual will fail....then the peanut-butter commercial comes up, or some advertisement over septic tank replacement.

The event this past weekend in Charlottesville?  You can generally say that fake-actors were hired and brought in for the protests....and it's appearing that maybe both sides had hired fake-actors (maybe as far away as California).  Who paid for the fake-actors?  Foundations, who are part of the illusion.  Why use violence in some illusion?  Because with video, you might get more hyped up and think that you can be part of the pro-illusion or the anti-illusion.  The odds of the same foundation funding both fake-actor groups?  Some folks are beginning to look upon this idea.

Some people will even go and suggest that a few deaths in the middle of an illusion is keep the audience engaged.

It is an insult to your intelligence and at any might just wake up and grasp the whole 'voodoo-fakeness' of the situation.  Frankly, I think some folks have reached a level where it's just pure the Amish Mafia reality show, or some pretender analyzing the Kardashian world.  Some of the illusionists are gifted to the level of Charlton Heston or David Hasselhoff.

At some point tomorrow....the McCain-enchanter will go through some hand motion....give some fake talk on his 16th flip-flop of the month....and hype up some political agenda to 'bring-the-curtain-down'.

Across town, some Pelosi-enchantress will go through the same hand motion....give her fake talk on the evils of the Republicans, and hype up another agenda to 'bring-the-curtain-down'.

An illusionist can exist only as long as the bag of tricks is not depleted.  When that moment comes and there's just nothing left to entertain you with the bag of tricks....then you will turn and finally go home....for a long time.

Thursday, 17 August 2017


I have this idea for a business.

I'd take a new truck, and attach a fairly good crane onto pick-up Civil War statues for cities and parks.  You'd call up....give an estimate on the weight and size....maybe a picture....we'd give you an estimate (always in the $5,000 to $10,000 range).

We'd do the service at night....mostly around midnight to 4AM.

We'd handle the disposal....probably driving to some rural valley of Alabama and just dumping it into a field.

MRBU.  I'd run the company with a max of three guys....mostly all former Army or Marines.

The thing about this is that eventually....twenty years down the line, some interest would come up on such-and-such statue, with some folks wondering about it's location.  I'd let people know that for a price (usually $5,000 to $10,000)....I'd sell it to them and deliver to their property.  So I'd get the business....going and coming.

The Numbers Question

What is the actual quantity of Klan members, Nazis, the United States?

This is one of those oddball questions that might shock most folks.

For Klan membership....most people who are into the topic will say that the Klan has drawn down to membership organizations in roughly 22 states (more or less).  Actual member numbers gets sketchy.....but 8,000 appears to be high number thrown around.  Yes, just 8,000.

Historically for the Klan....their big period was in the 1910 to 1930 period, with what was estimated at roughly four million members.

The Nazis?  Well, this gets to being a very drawn out affair because various other groups are often thrown into this listing....mostly under the listing of white-supremacy or Aryan Nation types.  In recent weeks, the news media has even tried to throw Alt-Right into the same mixture.  If you go strictly Nazis and Aryan Nation/supremacy's probably less than 10,000 members nation-wide, and maybe another 20,000 who might have some rare or occasional intersest.  This topic....I will debatable.  You could have people who think in this direction but aren't members and might only show up for one event or demonstration per year.

So this whole hyped up sense that we have today is about twenty-odd-thousand people out of 300-million residents?  Yeah....that's the size of this issue.

To be honest....on the bean-counting game....there are probably more meth-dealers in America, than the Klan-Nazi crowd.

The Alt-Right crowd?  This gets into various interpretations and the news media makes it more of a amusing topic than a serious topic.  There aren't real organizations or's just a loose-fitting group of individuals that might show up on one Saturday for a march, and then just disappear for six months.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

When Using a 'Name-Brand'

With all this Nazi talk in recent days, I thought it might be useful to pull out the 1932 political platform for the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany.  While some folks go full turbo on the Aryan Nation be a true also need to be socialist.  So, this is the platform statement, in English, in modern-day language:

1.  Undertaking a government requirement to establish all citizens the right to adequate employment opportunities and an adequate living standard.  Hint, this means the $15 an hour wage, and the government supervising your employment opportunities in some fashion.

2. The needs of the overall community should outweigh the needs of the individual. Hint, your personal needs don't matter.

3.  The commercial running of the nation should be regulated in such a way, that profits of the rich or corporate nature.....should be shared and distributed to the citizens....not by the wealthy or elite. Hint, you can only make X-amount of money, and the rest will be redistributed.

4.  The welfare of the senior citizens should be attended to by the government, who will ensure a provision exists for their "protection".  Hint, part of the redistribution of wealth will go toward senior way or another.

5.  The nation will ensure regulations exist to control state and federal property to the degree required, which will be determined by the highest authority of the government. If necessary, confiscation of excess property or wealth will be exercised, for the greater good of the community.  Hint, they will seize property and wealth, as required.

6.  Interest rates and mortgage situations will be regulated by the government to ensure the lowest possible financial requirement upon the citizens.  Hint, the banks won't set rates....the government will.

7.  A national farming bill/law will be pushed to help improve and comfort the rural farming environment and ensure national food requirements are met, with good cheap prices for everyone in the market. Hint, the government will set prices and farming profits.

8.  Rent control and regulation will be exercised as necessary, to prevent profits. Hint, rent will be a government run the owner, will not determine how much you can charge.

9.  Regulation will be created to prevent speculation of land and property.

10.  The federal government will work to ensure the culture of all ethnic groups of society is respected and honored.

11.   The science of citizenship will be developed and exercised as appropriately viewed by the community, state and federal government. This science will be developed into common teaching requirements and utilized for lesson plans as necessary.

12.  Children with skill and capability, no matter what class of their parents, shall be educated at the cost of the government, no matter where they live or what the eventual higher education will cost. In essence, free college for all.

13.  It will be the absolute priority of the nation to help raise the standards of national health by providing adequate hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, and care.

14.  It will be the national cause to help stop and hinder unnecessary juvenile labor.

15.  It will be a national priority to help increase physical fitness and dietary requirements of the public, to help make society at large better and healthier. Regulation will be utilized as much as necessary.

16.  The overall goal of the nation.....will be the common good....before the individual good. The nation will stand against materialistic spirits which create unfair wealth and class divisions.

So, if you were hyped up to use the brand-name Nazi....and you just weren't that much into socialism or the entanglements.....then you've picked the wrong core group.

Course, there are some other folks who'd like these political platforms, who might not be considered alt-right.

Just something to think about.  Note, all of these come from 1932 text of the political platform used for the party in that year's election in Germany.

The Real McCain

Nothing to get excited about....but in 2013....Senator John McCain who clearly says today that he hates racists and Nazis....openly met with Oleh Tyanhnybok, who is head of the political party in the Ukraine and absolutely a Nazi.

What did McCain do?  He spoke of kind words over Tyanhnybok and his party.

Yeah, McCain....either crazy at the flip of a switch or absolutely in full control of his destiny.  Your decision.

The Lost Damsel Story

For several days, I've been following this story out of central Alabama....near the Highway 82 area between Union Springs and Eufaula.  On the map, this is just east of 30-odd minutes of driving.

The story goes....about a month ago, this young damsel (Lisa Theris) had accompanied two young gentlemen on a burglary adventure.  Their target was a hunting cabin out in the rural aspects of the region.

What we are told is that Lisa gets all nervous at the cabin area....worried about the 'law' or maybe the two guys (they were both arrested later), and she runs off into the woods.

For a month....yes, four weeks, she is out in the woods.

A couple of days ago....some driver is driving down Highway 82 and notices something that looks not right.  Normally, you'd see cows, fence posts, pines, and farms.  Here on the side of the road is a naked gal....Lisa.  They take her to the hospital.

So, Lisa's story.   She says she ran off into the lost, and then survived off creek water, her own urine, mushrooms, and berries.  She has lost roughly 50 pounds, or so the hospital does claim. She is insect-bit (heavily), and appears awful brown (as in suntanned).

Folks are amazed at her survival and admire the whole story.  It does sound pretty nifty.

I paused over this, and's fairly fake.

First, if you gaze at a map of the region.....if you pick even the more rural of the territory, you'd only have to walk two miles in one single direction to reach a dirt or paved road.  It'd take roughly an hour, and you'd hit civilization.  Folks would like to think it's really all forested and rough territory, but the map shows otherwise.

Second, naked? Generally, folks that get naked these it because they are on flakka (the drug).  Otherwise, you really don't have any reason to rip your clothing off.

Third, snakes.  Generally, if you told me you were out in some woods for four weeks....just rambling around....especially in means you would come across a snake about every thirty minutes.  The odds of surviving?  Zero chance.

My impression?  She was at the robbery site, and at some point had access to a fair amount of flakka.  Maybe it belonged to the two guys....maybe it was from the cabin itself....who knows.  But she spent most of the four weeks doing the drug situation and simply lucked out to have walked to Highway 82 and been found.

But here's the Alabama, we need stories like this to be entertained by.  Folks will sit for weeks talking about the lost damsel, and how they would have handled this if they were lost.


I'm thinking about writing a book.  So I've thrown around this plot:

Winston Jackson is a regular guy, who sips Pabst Blue Ribbon...drives a 12-year-old Chevy....just wrapped up his second divorce....pays a hefty amount on taxes, and leans toward moderate conservatism.  He lives in Oceania, Mississippi.

Winston uses Google, Twitter, Facebook and various social media platforms....and wakes up one day to realize that they are all in some mode of watching him and his activities.  They track his cookies and know his slant on life.

Winston has come to notice that there's all these new phrases thrown around....that don't seem to mean anything but it keeps getting hyped to him via Newsweek, the Washington Post, NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Fox News, CBS, and NBC....that these things are important.  Winston questions this.

Winston notices that even the folks in authority (sitting in Washington) tend to get hyped up over these things.  One day, Winston is told that there is evil fake news out there, and he needs to be vigilant....and stay mostly with only the authorized news folks because they know whats fake and what's not.

Winston starts to think that it's ALL fake.  Not just the fake news, but Washington, politics, taxation, racism, etc.  Winston chats about this on social media....which draws up the attention of the media-watchers, and they are aware of his behavioral change.

Winston feels oppressed and frustrated.  His political party is in decay.  His view of news is drawn to question everything.  He is a skeptic of virtually everything he is told.  He starts to have random thoughts of running off to Argentina, or buying a ranch in Utah, or voting for some McMuffin-guy just to send some message.

Winston starts to hate his political party, and the fake leadership.  One day....there is some loud-mouthed guy who actually talks at the level and perception like Winston.  In a way, this guy is like Winston.  The guy says he can drain-the-swamp....which no one believes possible.

Winston starts to chat and write over social media of his enthusiasm for this change....this new leader...and this is all viewed as 'radical'.

One day, Winston bumps into a gal at the Piggly Wiggly.  She's provocative, seductive, sensual, voluptuous, and hints that she might be like him.  The fact that he gets this way only after a seven-minute conversation by the beer aisle suggests that maybe Winston has some serious secondary problems....but lets not get into this detail.  Her name? Binky.  On social media, she goes by 'bodacious_babe_for_Trump'.

Weeks pass with passion pumping hard between Winston and Binky.  They talk hot politics....twenty-four-seven.  Even at the Quicky-Lube while waiting for his oil change....he's on the phone and talking of a change coming to politics.

A guy comes up on social media and wants to chat with Winston.  The guy infers that he's like Winston.  He wants change too.  The guy?  Marvin.

Marvin says that he's part of a secretive union that is bound to bring real change to the land.  Days later, Marvin says that it's really a secretive league (something related to baseball probably).  Then days pass, and Marvin says that it's really a secretive clique...making Winston think that it's something French-like in nature.  Then days pass, and Marvin says it's really a secretive confederacy (suggesting it might be southern and related to the Civil War).

At various points in these secretive chats....Winston should have realized that Marvin was either a schizophrenic, a nut-case, or someone trying to use people for some political agenda.

Marvin keeps hyping up Winston on correctness, facts, accuracy in news, etc.

Winston starts to filling overwhelmed by Binky and Marvin.  Everything is complex.  Politics doesn't make sense.  Even the act of some marginal NFL quarterback sitting during the national anthem.....doesn't seem to be that significant to be chatted about for weeks and weeks on social media.

One day, Marvin comes up and says that it's either all-in for the political message, or all-in for some trailer-park bimbo (meaning Binky).

Winston thinks about it, and adds up the facts.  Binky wears tube-tops....flip-flops....and gets him all aroused by sipping off the foam on his glass of Pabst-Blue-Ribbon.  Winston dumps Marvin as a 'friend' from his social media platforms.

Days later, Winston wakes up to realize that Binky does live in a trailer-park....uses opioids.....dates another guy named Otis....has spent six months in a Tallahassee jail for bad-check-writing....and is actually the daughter of Marvin.

This becomes too much for Winston, and he moves to Colorado where he runs a Marijuana shop called 'Dark Desires'.  He traded in his Red-Wing boots for Birkenstocks.  He wears Hawaii-style shirts 365 days out of the year now.  He dropped all news networks from his cable-plan.  He doesn't interest himself in any political chatter, NFL talk, or discussions on religion.

Winston is finally at peace with himself.

As for Binky?  She ended up marrying some geeky electrical engineer...doing four months of detox...and is today a registered Democrat.

Marvin?  He's heading up a new league or clique to get folks enticed back into politics.  He's onto this idea of statue-yanking.  He says it'll go big in 2020.


A lot of political infighting is simply scripted an episode of WWE-wrestling where they know the bad guy for this four-month period, and how some good-guy will arrive to displace the bad-guy.

If you go and review DC news....the park service had to go and review damage done to the Lincoln paint written piece...."F*** Law" written into the stone.  Review says it occurred around 4:30AM yesterday.

So I sat and pondered over this whole anti-statue theme.

My gut feeling on the statue-yanking?

By the end of this year...most civil war statues in the south will have been yanked (either in a civil fashion by the city government, or by protest groups just simply reacting on their own).  By some point in the spring of 2018...I expect some reaction to occur where a Union Army statue (from a northern state) will be yanked down by alt-right (paid protesters).

Weekly statue-yanking expeditions will occur on state, public, and even federal property.  Gettysburg park rangers will be pulling around the clock guard-duty to ensure various statues on their park grounds aren't yanked.

The news media will react and be shocked.....a couple of weeks will pass, and another Union Army statue will be yanked down.

Then several artistic statues....Revolutionary War statues....WW II statues....etc, will go through a yanking period (probably up to 2020 and the election).

All of this will be set to some type of insurrection script with paid provocateurs on both sides. At some point, the FBI will stumble across the pay-to-provoke scheme and try to make sense why both sides are getting money, and who would be this 'crazy'?

It'll be one of those mass media moments when all the journalists are now looking at each other, and wondering if they were led around in a media-provocateur episode as well.

Lack of trust?  This is the ultimate moment of this whole script....the bulk of the American public will give up on most all news media devices, and refuse to believe any of them.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Twenty Points of Kent State (1969)

Most people have zero memory or knowledge of Kent State and the shootings that occurred.  So, let me point out twenty points of this period, and the event.

1.  For weeks in the spring....around the downtown area of Kent, Ohio....groups of students had been in some protest mode.  It was no longer just a protest event on the was coming into the city itself.

2.  The campus had virtually no real police organization.  The city of Kent?  The city was in the 27,000 to 30,000 population range, and had a minimum police organization to meet what the locals regarded as 'economically wise'.  The city police department was not built to handle protests or actions involving more than a couple dozen people.

4. In the fall of 1968....nine months prior....the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and a relatively unknown black student organization (the 1960s version of BLM)....had a confrontation of a light stance against recruitment folks appearing on the campus for the police.  Some people suggest that at least 200 black students from the campus were involved with this one confrontation.

5.  Things started to fully unravel around 1 April of 1969....when the SDS crowd came back into the picture again....entering the Kent State Administrative Office with demands.  Cops were called in this case.  The campus reacted by that evening by revoking the charter of the SDS organization.

6.  Two weeks go by after this 1 April event, and there is a discipinary hearing underway on campus.  There is some kind of confrontation at the hearing....between the SDS crowd (with the revoked charter), an the anti-SDS crowd.  No one ever says who made up the anti-SDS crowd, and it's one of the small mysteries left over from this event.  The campus chief decides that things are out of control and kids won't listen to the campus cops get called (state cops, not local cops).  This would be a signal to the kids that things were moving up real quick.  Fifty-eight students were arrested that afternoon.  When the smoke cleared months later, there are four SDS members who are taken into a regional court, and given a sentence of six months in a state prison.  The rest end up with just simple jail fines.  No one talks much of the parents of the fifty-eight students in this SDS challenge to the campus, but one might assume that they woke up to realize that their kids were doing some pretty stupid stuff, and heavy lawyer effort was required.

7.  Around noon on 1 May 1969....a rally was held on campus with 500 students attending.  It broke up an hour later....with kids going back to classes.  The trigger to the rally?  The Vietnam War.

8.  Twelve hours pass....downtown in Kent....some excitement occurs around the drinking zone of the town.  What is noted at this point is that a couple of people (maybe students, maybe locals, no one ever knows who these people were).....walked out of a bar, and threw bottles at a police car or two.  Fairly stupid act, one can admit.  Then they threw bottles at a store....then a couple of stores.  Finally, they threw a bottle to break a bank window....setting off an alarm.  This was the final straw for the local cops.   The number of bottle-throwers?  It's argued...some think it was in the neighborhood of twenty.....some say forty.  As reinforcement cops arrive....cops now say there are 120 people in the middle of the action facing the cops.  Probably way more than the cops could really handle.  History notes at this point that the group of 120 people are made up of students, bikers (no one could explain how they got into the action), and local drunks.  Virtually every single cop within twenty miles....was called to the middle of Kent that night.  As far as the mayor was concerned....he needed real muscle to come in and establish authority....the National Guard.

9.  On 2 May 1969, as the sun rose....the mayor had gone to request Guard members, establish a city emergency, and ordered all bars to be shut down for an unspecified period of time. No one says it today, but the 120 folks from that night before....probably were mostly all drunk.

10.  Somewhere on the morning of 2 May, one of the major rumors was that the students now had arms (weapons).  It was never proven true, but the rumor set off things in a very negative way.  Shutting down the bars....also went in a negative way.

11.  The National Guard began arriving on 2 May.  By that evening, they'd started to arrest anyone who was violating a curfew that had been put into place.

12.  3 May arrived....Sunday morning.  The governor had no patience left with the students.  Some students had come downtown in the morning to help clean up the mess that had been left from Friday night.  Most of the business community didn't trust these students, and it's a big question if this was legit or just a fake effort.

13.  As sun-down occurred....a confrontation occurred with the Guard guys and students.  Tear gas was dispersed.  Arrests were made.

14.  4 May: There is supposed to be a student protest at noon.  The college says 'no', no protest will occur.  Two companies of Guard folks arrived and were dispersing the protest.  It's held on campus the campus did have the right to forbid the protest.  If they'd done this would have been better for the community.

15.  Things get fuzzy with the confrontation.  There are at least fifty different variations told.  Some say shots were heard by the Guard folks and they reacted.  Some suggest the Guard folks were scared of unfolding events.

16. Twenty-nine Guard guys fired least 67 rounds fired....four dead students and nine wounded.

17.  In the hour after the shooting....a lot of students were preparing for a massive rush against the National Guard.  This was prevented only by a couple of the professors getting into the middle of this and telling the students to disperse and go home.  If they hadn't stopped the students?  One might assume that at least a hundred more dead students would have been laid out.

18.  While the news media carried the images widely, an odd thing happened with virtually every single campus across the US.  Protest actions were absolutely forbidden.  If you engaged in the activity, you were terminated as a student.

19.  As much as the news media did to shift blame....roughly sixty-percent of the American public put the blame solely upon the students....not the Guard members.

20.  The Scranton Commission was formed, and it's one single purpose was to study protests on campuses across the US and report what was going on. For some, they were shocked at the way that these were organized and the groups who were behind the efforts.

So you look at what is going on today, and you see an entire repeat about to occur.

Nationalists Socialist 'Bait'

I probably heard the term "Nazi" or "neo-Nazi" mentioned at least forty times yesterday (Sunday) by the news media folks.  I sat and pondered upon this often misused term.

If you go and pull up the listing of political platforms for the 1932 Nationalists Socialists Party (the Nazis)'s an interesting text.  Roughly 32 items.

So you go down the list....using modern-day English to explain what the Nazis support.

Then you read them to a dozen of these noted neo-Nazi-type guys from Virginia.

Out of the 32-odd items....there might be four of the actual platform pieces that the Nazi guy agrees upon.  The other 90-percent?  No.  These are all socialist in nature, and these guys are NOT socialists.

So you turn, and you face the news media folks....reading them the 32-odd platform items.  Oddly, they will tell you that they are against five or six of these, but the bulk of these (probably in the 75-percent range)....they actually favor.

It's not that we have's that we have pretender Nazis who want a name-brand to stand behind and they think Aryan power is the only piece of the cake.  So when you lay out the socialist nature of the Nazis...well....these guys just aren't that type of Nazi.

Rather than educate people and make them aware of the fake nature of this whole discussion....which has gone on for decades....we just simply allow it to continue.

The Charlottesville Soap Opera

I sat this morning and read through some pieces on the Charlottesville, VA episode from the weekend.....then I went and watched private video shot.  There is a differing situation....if you watch the video and try to compare against what the media wrote.  My three observations:

1.  Whatever cops were there...were just as some 'show-horse' routine.  Their orders were to stand down and you can watch the video to confirm that it's theater-piece more than public order.  The governor or the head 'dude' who ordered the 'show-horse' routine?  They aren't explaining their gimmick but if you drag this into a court of law....their leadership authority is marginalized.  The general public will ask what good is have cops or state police, if you don't use them?

2.  This young lady.....which I am sad over her passing....if you watch the video of the incident, she had to put herself into a position where the car would hit her.  I suspect that she felt that he wouldn't move and her body would effectively stop the movement.  It was an very unwise situation, and in a court of law....her action (even though she's dead)....might not be enough to convict this kid.  In a jury situation...most will ask how they would react, in a car, with a crowd thumping on the vehicle.

3.  The term 'neo-Nazi' gets thrown around a lot these days.  So.....pull out the thirty-odd political platform stances of the German Nationalist Socialist Party of 1932, and read them in modern language.  There's maybe four items which these wannabe-neo-Nazi guys would agree with, and the other 90-percent are NOT going to be agreeable.  None of these neo-Nazi guys are this whole term and MISUSE (for over forty years) is bizarre and comical.  The news media and intellectual guys like using the term Nazi, but if you use the political platform sequence....they themselves are more Nazi....than the neo-Nazi guys they point fingers at.

The end?  No.....this is all just act one of a twelve-act soap opera.

The Harper Story

Over the weekend, I picked up this story from Harper's Bazaar.  The emphasis of their article is that if you are a logical woman (Democrat obviously), then you should separate and divorce from your husband (if he is a Trump GOP guy).  I should note.....I don't subscribe to Harpers......I simply read the storyline itself.

I sat and paused over this for a while.

Harper's Bizaar has been around for about 150 years.  It was the magazine that claimed to know fashion and put out the newest trends to the general public.  If you look at subscription levels today....three-quarters of a million are still sold.  What Harpers can say is that they do know fashion.  They don't claim to know much on diesel cars, Hawaii hotels, best cakes for a diet, or dog training.  They simply know fashion.

If you went looking for a's a bit hard to find these days.  You'd have to go to a book-store or to an airport shop.  Asking women around who read it?  Well....go find the twenty-five women who you might meet up with or associate with.....and ask if they subscribe.  It's pretty high odds that working class women don't read it.

As for this idea?

Let's say your wife of fifteen years read the article and decided then and there....yep....divorce this Trump-guy.  Paperwork gets done....stamped.

About three months go by and she's now thinking....well....I need to date.

So she write up the situation....forty-year-old woman....can't date a Republican guy....must only be Democrat.  No losers, no married guys, no football freaks, no gay guys, and in short fashion....she's got a 40-filter list.  Five months go by now, and the gal needs help.

So a friend says she knows the right guy.  He shows up for the date.  He's got Birkenstocks sandals tied up in a pony-tail....hippy-like character....hints that he's 402-friendly (marijuana friendly)....makes homemade brownies with a funny taste.....a Bernie-type personality....and seems to know an awful limited amount of information on any general topic.

As desperate as you accept this situation for three months.  Weekend after feel like this really is screwed up.

So one year after the divorce, you do something crazy.  You take all the Harper's Bizaar magazines in the house and burn them.  You go and call the divorced husband up....the Trump guy....and ask if he's free.  He has women lined up but he's willing to let you crawl back.  You accept the situation because on the list of good features....he met 80-percent of what you wanted in life for a guy.  Sure, he's a Trump guy....but you could do a lot worse.

Not to slam Harpers.....but they ought to stick with fashion.  The next thing you know.....they will advise you on nuclear energy or climate change.

The American in Dresden Story

As the story is told from various news sources.

An American was up and active at around 8:15AM on Dresden.  This was in the Neustadt neighborhood of town....north of Elbe.  This part of town is away from the tourist area.  The guy, no name given.....41 years old.....was drunk (on the extreme side).  Yeah, it's he's been drinking all night by my guess.

He does some talk here and there.....then throws up a Nazi salute....which gets him attacked by some German.  No one says what provoked the deal beyond the Nazi salute.  Cops come....arrest the guy.

Based on the normal fine business, if the story is proven absolute'll be near 500 Euro on the Nazi salute, and some type of fine (maybe 200 Euro) for public intoxication and bad behavior.

My typical advice to Americans and Brits.....enjoy the fine beer of Germany in the bier-garten type atmosphere, and avoid three particular topics:

1.  Anything to do with WW II or Nazis.
2.  Anything to do with Trump.
3.  Anything that is harsh and critical of the magnificent Germans (sarcasm inserted into this column).

For the poor American?  His trip will be cut short and he'll likely be asked to leave.

The Antarctica Story

Over the weekend, if you follow science news....there was a fair bit written over Antarctica.  Few realize it....but there are lots of volcanoes on the isle.

So they've done more research and finally determined that at least 91 volcanoes exist there.  Yep....91.

Some of these are under extremely thick ice sheets (maybe 2 miles).

One of the analysts finally sat there and put the worst-case scenario up.  All that ice....sitting in the midst of a massive amount of volcanic activity.  One big huge eruption.....a TON of ice will melt off.  Sea level rise?  No one says the magic number, but you could go and figure a six-foot rise very easily across the entire globe.  A change in climate?  Oh yes.

As much as folks sit and worry about man-made causes to the planet.....the might Earth itself, with these ice sheets in Antarctica....could easily be melted without any human-activity.

Just another thing on the list of 10,000 things that could ruin your day.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Half-Glass Crowd

"The glass is either half empty or half full."

With over thirty-five years associated with the military in some fashion.....I've heard this glass-talk about a thousand times.  At some point, I worked with a Captain who gave the glass-chat at least twice a month as part of his 'you need to get with the plan' agenda.

At some point about twenty years ago...I sat and paused over the half-glass topic and pondered upon the reason why it had to be HALF.  Couldn't it be three-quarters empty or full?  Could it be 90-percent full or empty?

At some point, some junior airman made the observation to me one day....what if this container were paper or plastic....would it make any real difference.  A Lieutenant listening to the conversation wanted to add Einstein-like wisdom by suggesting that the paper-cup would begin to leak within twelve hours after you filled it with liquid.

Some folks would take this whole discussion and ask the did the glass get half empty or full?  Did you just have that much whiskey to put in the cup?  Did you allow it to sit so long....that it evaporated half the glass?  Did the glass have a hole in the bottom?  Did you guzzle down the whiskey or half-glass in three big swigs?  Does it come served this way to start with?  Do women prefer the half-empty glass as to men preferring the half-full glass?  Did your buddy drink the first half while you were in the latrine?  Is this buttermilk and thus you don't care if it's half-full or half-empty?

Half of this whole discussion is about the glass itself....but the other half is the stupidity of making this a Plato-or-Socrates-like discussion on philosophy.  We've fallen as a civilization to the point where we need to think in this comparison about some half-truth or half-fraud.

You could bring up this comparison with CNN, and suggest that they are a half-truth or half-fraud news organization.

You could bring up this topic with Congress....suggesting that they are half-way working for you, or half-way working against you.

You could bring up the subject with the government wisely spending half the money it taxes off you.....or unwisely spending half the money it taxes off you.

If you brought Aristotle into the conversation?  He'd eventually get around to asking how you filled it in the first place, and if the original container is the one that really matters in this whole case....not the stupid glass that you keep monitoring to see if it's half-full or half-empty.

Brief History over Maryland

I tend to point oddball pieces of history which high-school history and university history professors kinda skip over....and give you a different prospective of reality.

In this essay....a brief talk on Maryland.

Today, Maryland is made up of six million people, and one of the titles often given to the state is the 'free state' of Maryland. Most folks would travel around the state and make the observation that it's highly urbanized, and has a problem with crime (drugs, thugs, gangs, etc).

So, you go back and review the real history of the state.

While the Pilgrims did arrive in the New World in's not until 1634 that folks start to arrive in Maryland.  Two small vessels arrived in the early spring of 1634 (the Ark and the Dove).  It's safe to say that this crowd was different from the Plymouth that most of this group was Catholic.

This arrival group?  Well, it's always referred in an odd way....seventeen 'gentlemen' and their wives. Gentlemen?  It's a term that was never used in Plymouth talk or history.  So you have to assume that these were distinguished guys and probably not the rough-and-tough type guys.

But you come to this other footnote about this group of 34 men and women....there were two-hundred 'others' listed.  Their purpose in life?  To support the seventeen men, and their wives.  The term 'indentured' servant often gets used at this point.  This is a person who got into legal trouble and to avoid became a servant for a period of time.  No one says that all two-hundred were indentured, but it's likely that more than half of them fell into this category.  You more or less were given some option to pack up and leave some debt-prison....ride on a ship for six to eight weeks.....and then do some pretty heavy work.

This group upon arrival....did something that you wouldn't have expected.  They met up with the local Indians, and made a transaction to 'buy' the local property.  One might perceive this moment as simply working out a deal that some stretch of land was agreeable to live upon.

Once this was set and the Indian deal was done....then the general running of the new colony took place and some folks probably were a bit unnerved.  The rule of the community?  It's basically taking a step back into the 1000 to 1400 era of feudalistic operations....meaning that the community existed around the running of the land....rather than a capitalistic form of work and trade.  It took basically a year for folks to figure out that this wasn't exactly what they'd signed up for.  Yes, by 1635....roughly 12 months later....there's friction going on.

It takes about three years for folks to calm down, and set their mind upon using standard laws of England in this colony.

Oddly, from 1638....for about a decade, there is friction with neighbor colony areas...mostly because there is no real line drawn where one's little empire begins and ends.  There's also religious conflict going on because no one wants to say one single religion per colony but it's forming up that way.  Maryland?  It's basically becoming the Catholic colony of the New World....unlike all of it's neighbors.

Roughly sixteen years into this colony business....Maryland now has a curious development to occur.  It's now become one of the chief areas for debt-prison members and regular jail population folks.  An 'HR-like' guy would show up in a British prison....look over the crowd for healthy members....and then select folks for New World participation.  In had some ways to grasp the deal and at least discuss the matter.  In a regular prison...there was no real discussion.   It was the rough-and-tough crowd who helped make Baltimore and the state of Maryland....into what it is today.

These internal Puritan versus Catholic revolts?  From the 1650 era....for about two decades....these two religious groups required continual enforcement by the British government to prevent all-out warfare.  It was a pretty harsh environment....religious warfare and prison-population members as members of the community.  In some ways, I'm guessing the Indian population sat back and were mostly amused at the new neighbors who'd arrived and were fairly uncivilized.

What's happened in 300 years?  Well...yeah, it's still mostly warfare....just urbanized....some meth and heroin mixed into the situation.  The religious warfare?  Mostly replaced by social justice warfare.

The Soda Tax Discussion

Weeks ago, I sat trying to grasp this Chicago soda tax thing.  It's a tax strictly on sodas...NOT beer or wine, or fruit-juice.  Being a former soda-drinker....I had some interest in this.

First, there's the regular sales tax at doesn't go away.

So you pile up on a single can of cent for each ounce (12 ounces....12 cents) of special soda tax.  Normally, a 24-pack of Cokes would cost you in the range of $13.50.  Maybe at some military might still be able to get them for $9.50.

If you do the math....the 24-pack will cost you in Chicago soda tax $2.88....on top of the sales tax.

Legal?  Some folks have pointed out that the state has a law that says you can't tax on top of a tax.  But so far, no one has challenged this part of the law.

What's likely to occur in this case?  If I lived in Chicago....I'd probably go out every six weeks, and go beyond the county-line, and buy six to eight 24-packs of soda.  Maybe I'd even go a hundred miles to find a real discount sale going on, and buy twenty-five 24-packs of soda and just store them in the garage.

This is silly, if you start to think about the tax, and the odds of people buying bulk to avoid the local tax.

Success rate of this soda tax?  I'd give it less than 10-percent chance of still being around in three years.

The Zuckerberg Candidacy

For a couple of weeks now....I've observed bits and pieces of news that indicate that Facebook's CEO....Mark Zuckerberg is going to run for President in 2020.  It's NOT guaranteed and simply that he's done three or four things that would put him into the Democratic Primary.

The odds of this occurring?  If I were betting....less than 25-percent chance.

There are two negative factors on Zuckerberg.  First, he can't handle criticism to any degree....this has been seen in several interviews over the past five years.  Second, in a debate forum....he's shown that he's prepared to just say one single message.  If the opposition debate person were to challenge or force a comeback....Zuckerberg doesn't have the debate skills to actually engage or come back.

All of this considered, there are the two positive factors....he's got easily $400 million of his own capital that he could put into the Primary.  He also has name-brand recognition that most Democrats can't talk about.  If you walk onto any campus least ninety-percent know Zuckerberg.  Course, the other negative is that if you walked into any rural area of the south and said 'Zuckerberg'....fewer than forty-percent would be able to identify him.

In the 1990s...I worked in a particular career field within the Air Force that had nothing to do with technology or computers. At some point, an introduction phase was occurring and I ended being pushed into the trend as a trainer for software applications. This meant that I had to interact with the engineers, geeks, nerds, and techies. I had no trouble in fitting into this new trainer situation and relating applications to actual users. But when it came time to sit down and engage with the hardware/software engineers...I came to regard them as juvenile, fairly incapable of making rational decisions beyond their trade, and living mostly within a ‘bubble’.

I retired in 2013 and regard that twenty-year period of interaction with the engineers and geeks as a stimulating period. As long as you can keep them focused on a precise trail within their capability...they are a benefit to the organization. Beyond that, you really don’t want them in a leadership position, or a situation of authority. This suggestion in the past month that Zuckerberg (the Facebook guru) thinking of a run for Presidency.....has me a bit amused and worried. If you went looking for a hundred skill-sets that a President ought to have, I doubt that you will find more than three sets (of a hundred) that he might presently have.

What most of these geeks or computer-engineer guys need?  Somewhere in that college period....they need to be pushed off to some real work environment to interact with real people.  A canoe-rental operation, a bartender job, a grocery clerk job, or spend couple hours a week on some farm.   In essence, they need to understand there is a whole big world out there beyond the one-direction mentality that they tend to use in the lab or developmental stage.

Without people-skills....they can't connect.  In this Zuckerberg situation?  I see him walking into Iowa and discovering that he really can't connect with the general public (course, Hillary had the same problem there).  Maybe he could pep up the intellectual crowd and the university kids....but with the working-class folks?  It would be a joke.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Five Observations

1.  If you pulled out historical news for the past twenty-five will generally note that about every four years....there's some crisis with North Korea. repeats over and over.  Everyone gets hyped up, and then some some Jimmy Carter-type character who fixes this up by offering North Korea something to back-down and become 'friendly'.  Clinton, Bush, and Obama....repeat after repeat.  Oddly, Trump hasn't read the script and appears to be allowing North Korea to go as far as they desire.

2.  The Wall Street Journal hyped up some story that they'd heard that the US (Trump) might be planning a Venezuela invasion. This basically came from some Q and A session and someone just casually asked the President about US options, and he just said nothing has been ruled out.  How you get to the invasion idea is pretty amusing.  If some idiot asked the President about the status with Canada.....he might respond that nothing has been ruled out, and then you'd have to assume that we might be invading Canada as well.

3. Opioid crisis and emergency.  The President now says that this is a national crisis, and there will be a national policy set for this.  So, you sit and ponder upon this.  What will unfold is some harsh and stringent rules on doctors and how they can prescribe pain-killer a small span of six months....doctors will wake up and realize that their license to practice is at risk and massive curtailment will occur.  But you have to ask yourself.....all these people....listed at 2-million in 2014 and likely today to be near 4-million....will not be able to walk away from their daily requirement.  So what happens next?  Massive turn to Heroin.  If you were a dealer, you need to plan on a massive shipment in six to eight months, and your customer market doubling and tripling overnight.

4.  Google brand diminishing.  If you had to go and look at the top one-hundred brand-names in existence in the US today....the one that I'd suggest as set to Google.  This whole discussion of some Animal Farm-like mentality existing there....makes the core or leadership of the organization look ineffective and immature.  Maybe they can shift and climb out of this mess, but I kinda doubt it.

5.  Kid Rock advancing on Senate race.  If you went back two years ago and suggested that Kid Rock would run for the Michigan office and be considered a serious candidate....I would have laughed.  Today, he's rock-solid on the minds of half of Michigan.  The thing you have to consider....if he wins....then what?  Will there be a dozen-odd characters appear and start to use the same idea to run in other Senate races (The Rock, The Undertaker, Brittney Spears, Brett Favre, Johnny Bench, etc)?

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Magnum P-I and My 'Reboot' Suggestion

From 1980 to 1988....Magnum P I ran as a weekly series off CBS.  In an average year....I probably watched a dozen-odd shows, and will admit that by the 4th was a fairly lame script.  My curiosity?  This Robin Masters character.

By the end of the third season....every time this Masters character was brought bothered me that you never met the guy.

By the last season, then you came to this odd sequence where you knew that Magnum was Robin Masters.

So, onto my 'reboot' idea.

1.  An estate exists in's been bought by 'Robin Masters'.  Over a decade, Masters has turned out five or six books which are highly read.  Masters submitted the first book to a publisher and it was accepted, but Masters dictated that he wasn't to be seen or meet with any member of the publishing crowd.  The estate is uniquely built....with historical themes and antiques throughout the place.  There's been two previous managers of the estate.  Each would explain that they applied for the job, and did a telephonic interview.  Then each would explain that while the manager of the estate....they've never met the guy.

2.  So manager number three shows up....a French guy (instead of a Brit) who spent five or six years in the Foreign Legion, and fell from 'grace'.  We are never told how he fell from Grace, or how he got picked up three years prior to manage a pub in Ottawa.  There's a grounds-keeper from New Jersey (an actual former mafia guy with Identity Protection), who likes landscaping, blackjack, fancy shoes, and seems to have killed a few people in his life.  There's a New York literary proof-reader gal with an attitude problem and loves mystery novels.  And there's a Japanese car mechanic female rounding out the Master's staff....who is mostly there to serve as a pain for everyone else on the grounds.  Everyone in a a broken individual in need of a restart.

3.  The Magnum character is then introduced.  Masters hires him through another telephonic interview and is there as a agent to review public news episodes where a mystery exists.

4.  About halfway through my season, it will be painfully obvious that the Magnum character is not the Robin Masters character, and he is now starting to suspect each of the four other individuals on the estate are secretly Robin Masters.

5.  In my scenario....along about the 2nd lay out this curious suggestion that Robin Masters isn't a real individual....that he might be just a creation....then you come to realize that the stories that he reviews in a typical day....amount to 10,000 stories....something that a typical human being can't accomplish. So the obvious card is laid down...Robin Masters is a AI-creation, simply a computer program which has gone past it's intended creation....writing not just code, but mystery books (successfully)....creating a corporation....spending money....and seeking to go beyond anything that the original writer of the code intended.

6.  Along about the fifth season, you start to introduce some code-writer into two or three stories, and the Magnum character and the literary proof-reader note that the guy acts a great deal like Robin Masters.  By the end of the season, the two sit there in disbelief because Robin simply isn't a real human, and the question of where this story goes...will turn and twist the sixth season.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

The 'X' Plus 'Y' Story

"There were some people on a train. 19 people get off the train at the first stop. 17 people get on the train. Now there are 63 people on the train. How many people were on the train to begin with?"

Someone posted up this math-quiz type problem, noting that most six and seven year old kids were not able to comprehend the questions, the formula, or the output.

If you had thrown this question up around the fifth or sixth grade with the kids I was associated with....I would imagine three would have been able to come to the answer.

At least two kids would have asked where this train started from, the location of the first stop, and where it ended.  I probably would have been one of the two kids myself.

At least one kid would have asked who was counting the seventeen people who got on, and if they could have screwed up.

At least one kid would have asked who the heck travels by train....of which the entire class would have noted that they don't know anyone who has ever traveled by train unless they were over the age of sixty-five.

One bright kid from the class would have asked from the 19 people getting off and 17 people getting it possible that one of the 19 simply stepped off to relieve themselves, and got right back on after finishing their business (thus being one of the 17).  In this case, 'X' could vary.

Along about the seventh-grade of my life....I came to a woeful period in math with 'word-problems'.  A four-line problem would represent a ten-minute reading, analysis, and would force me into asking what is the real question at hand.  The red-herring dilemma would be the best description of this situation.  At some point, I just started making 'X' into twelve as I started the problem, and as I came to the end....I would note the difference between 12 and the wrong answer....thus making a stupid but workable method of handling word-problems.

I can make the observation of life today....that the majority of people (minimum of fifty-percent) over the age of twenty....can't handle word-problems.  It's simply that their mind isn't geared to that type of analysis and output.  I'd also make the observation that 10-percent of society are geared toward world-problems, and routinely do these dozens of times per days with ease.  These are the people who note the size of a bale of hay, the dimensions of a wagon, and casually note that only 75 bales can fit safely upon the wagon.

In some ways, I think society is wasting its time trying to get 100-percent of people to work with X and Y type word-problems.  Some folks were destined to become rocket-scientists.....and some weren't.  In this train episode.....does anyone really care that nineteen folks got off the train?

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Two Ancestors

I have two ancestors who crossed 'oceans' and stepped foot upon another land....each different in the load that they carried.

1.  "Job".  At the age of 19, Job left London, bound for Virginia as an indentured crop-guy.  In this period, you'd go and make an arrangement on paper that said for a period of time....usually two to three'd go and work for a family farm in the new world. In some ways, it was a way to escape London....which had gone through the plague period, and Job had likely seen an awful lot of deaths in the year or two prior to his exodus (spring of 1666).  Oddly enough, he misses the great London fire, which occurs weeks after he leaves.

This is the guy who wrapped up his farm-worker period successfully, and then became a tobacco farmer himself.

If you look at the kid....he likely had a canvas bag with a change or two of clothing, and nothing else.  His adventure on the vessel took six to eight weeks, and he probably came to appreciate the farming atmosphere

2.  Raoul II de Taisson Dodleston.  Yeah....a Norman (French).  In his case, he'd progressed up the chain...noted as a Lord in Normandy, and died at the age of 66....crossed the English Channel in October of 1066, and ended up on the battlefield of Hastings.  He too...probably had a canvas bag with a change of clothing.

He was probably too old for the Battle of Hastings, and the remarkable amount of physical activity required.

In Raoul's case....his son got some piece of the reward, and ended up in the Cheshire area.

Each of the two crossed a fair amount of water, to reach some stage in his life.  The older guy felt he was obligated in some way....the younger looking for a second chance in his life.

How the Democrats Can Win in 2020

While three years away from the might sit and speculate over how it might happen.

There are two ways that the Democrats can carry this election.

1.  Using the Clinton method 1992/1996.  Have a third-party guy standing there to take votes.  In this case, you had Ross Perot existing in 1992 to help take 19-percent of the national vote from George Bush.  This allowed Bush to only win 18 of the fifty states.  Oddly enough, if you use the voting district map....this also allow Clinton to take roughly 40 to 45 percent of the districts (instead of using the state method).

In 1996, Perot is there again, to help Clinton win....this time by taking 8-percent of the vote.  Without Perot, Bob Dole would have won.

The Jimmy Carter win?  Well, this is interesting because Carter only took 23 Ford's 27 states.  Carter wins by 1.7 million votes.  Carter's big upsurge was taking metropolitian votes (typically where Democrats are stronger), and virtually all of the south.  Carter, four years later, in 1980....could NOT win metropolitan areas (go figure that one).

2.  Using the Obama method 2008/2012.  Twenty-eight states went for Obama in 2008.  A lot of this upsurge was the ability to get blacks mobilized, registered and showing up to vote.  The same trick was used in 2012.  Having two GOP candidates that weren't exactly embraced by the entire Republican crowd....probably helped as well.

So, that's basically it....two methods to push the Republicans out.  You either find the perfect third-party guy, or you go to a black candidate that draws mobilization/votes.  Without Perot....Clinton never wins.  Without a black background, Obama never wins.

If you look at 2020, it might be an interesting election.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

The Exchange of Words Story

I sat and watched this exchange with the White House adviser (Stephen Miller) and CNN's Jim Acosta.

The topic ended up being immigration and a change coming from the Trump Administration.

Oddly, Acosta delivered the 'Give me your tired, your hungry' speech from the Statue of Liberty theme, and suggested a terrible future coming with the immigrant theme.

Miller came back and put this in the correct prospective.

Over the past seven months, I've been routinely watching the raw coverage from the White House press meetings....NOT the packaged material that you typically saw from CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox News.  Their packaged material always had a narrative driven into it.  You were better off watching the raw coverage and making an interpretation by your own judgement.

For the news has to admit that their style is slick but deceiving.  They have an agenda to sell you.  It's like walking onto a Ford lot and having the dimwit salesman give you twenty fascinating facts on the F-150 pick-up.  You go home, and do some research, and then determine an additional ten negatives about the F-150, and realize that the salesman has no real concern over facts, just sales.

As for the 'Give me your tired, your poor' speech?  Few realize where this came from.  It was a sonnet from "The New Colossus".  American poet Emma Lazarus, active in the 1870s and 1880s as a poet.....wrote the piece....dying in 1887 at age 38.  It was part of an effort in the early 1880s to raise money for the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.  One might note here....the US federal government wasn't going to go and pay for much of anything related to the statue.

Around 1903, a brozne plague was put up on the statue with the poem.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Forty Year Moment

It was forty years ago today, that I entered into the Air Force.  Hard to imagine that this much time has passed.  Some observations:

1.  I actually left Alabama on the 1st (a Monday).  My mom carried me down to Florence, and we had dinner at the cafe across from the bus station.  As I remember, a hamburger steak, with a salad (crackers included).  After the bus ride to Nashville.....they put us up in a 2-star motel and kinda said in strong words that we'd all be better off staying around the motel (not getting into trouble).

2.  The money.  The recruiter guy had said that the max I'd need for basic training was maybe $25.  I had about a hundred in my pocket upon leaving Alabama....mostly all tens and ones.  Oddly, my mom slipped me two fifty-dollar bills minutes before the bus and just suggested I might need it.  I stuck the two fifties into the far back of my billfold, and to be honest.....I didn't think much about the bills and lost track of them.  Eighteen months later when I was retiring that billfold....I came to discover them again.

3.  The bag.  The recruiter guy had said that I didn't need to bring much in terms of clothing....just an overnight bag, a spare pair of jeans, and enough shirts/underwear/socks to last three days.  That was a mistake.  While we left out of Nashville on a flight to San Antonio on Tuesday would be Monday morning of the next week before they issued out the new uniform gear (to include socks and underwear).  So I ended wearing most everything at least two full days, in intensive heat and loaded down with sweat.

4.  The heat.  It was a remarkable period in early August....both in Alabama and Texas.  The Texas heat was mostly unbearable.  You'd already be sweating at 7AM.  Because of the heat, you had some unusual thunderstorms that would come through.  There were at least three big storms during the six weeks I was at basic training.

5.  The physical stuff.  To be honest, it was pretty much a cake-walk on the physical training stuff.  Every morning....there was probably 40 minutes of something going on, with weekends off.  The odd thing is that you ran this daily track business (early on was half-a-mile and the last two weeks was 1.5 miles) in a pair of $29 boots.  To this day, I'm surprised that people didn't have feet problems.

6.  The food.  Breakfast for me was for six weeks the same thing....bacon, two eggs sunny-side up, toast, a cinnamon roll, and two glasses of orange juice. Lunch was the same thing....two burgers, fries, a piece of pineapple upside down cake, and two glasses of Coke. The evening dinner was generally two Cokes, two pieces of fruit (usually bananas), and some pudding.  If they had chicken for the dinner period, I'd munch on that.

7.  The weight thing.  The recruiter had never said a word about weight standards.  Yeah, that was odd. So, on day four of basic, there were four of us pulled into some room and weighed....with all four of us over the max for our height.  I was six pounds over my max.  I didn't think much about this at the time.  Five weeks would pass and they'd drag all four of us the day prior to graduation into a room and weigh us again.  In that five week period....I lost 26 pounds. To be honest, I didn't really diet or eat different for the whole six weeks, except for this evening dinner each night.  You just did enough stuff to burn a pound off every two days.  My uniform?  Toward the last week, it just did barely fit. When they handed me my bag with the jeans which I had last worn on 8 August, I found that they just didn't fit anymore.  I ended up at Sheppard AFB's BX upon arrival and bought two new pair of jeans....size 34.  That size 34 period lasted maybe one year at the most.

8.  It continually amazed me how many idiots had stress problems with basic training.  Some guy had a brief phone-call with his girlfriend of six months, and she'd dumped him.....he went nuts and they had to watch him for a 24-hour period. Another guy couldn't handle absoluteness of folding uniforms for the locker.

9.  The course.  Toward the final seven days, we were slated for an all-day play-day, with a 90-minute run through some obstacle course.  This was hyped up every single day for the prior two weeks.  Folks had some bad nerves over what would occur.  For me, it was hot as heck....probably near 95 degrees, and the minute they offered me a chance to fall from some rope gimmick into a pool of cold water, I was obliged and just fell for the relief.

10.  The C-ration lunch.  In my entire career....c-rations were the norm until the mid-1980s.  All total, I probably ate four of the C-rats, and will just say it was the worst tasting food you could imagine.  MRE's were a welcome sight when they arrived.  For basic, we had one such C-rat lunch, after the course.  It was built up as a big deal.....most of us throw half the package away and begged to march back to the barracks chow-hall.

11. The relief.  On the final day, everyone packed up and ready to go by 7AM.  I was destined for Sheppard (a total of six of us were going there).  Our bus picked us up around 8AM, and I settled back into a seat and felt absolute relief.  We exited the gate and for roughly six hours traveled across mostly a landscape of farms.  We'd arrive at some recently built giant barracks (enough rooms for 500 folks).  They wasted an hour picking up the paperwork and giving us the keys to the rooms.  I was kinda shocked thirty minutes later to be sitting a nicely air-conditioned room, with a decent bed and semi-privacy (one room-mate....a 38-year old guy who was a national guard member from New Jersey).

12.  The day off.  There's one single day from basic, near the end, where you get a pass into town. I hung out with a guy named Johnson from Tennessee.  Somehow we got to mid-town San Antonio.  My day consisted of seeing the Alamo, eating a t-bone steak, and watching some late-afternoon movie.

13.  Duty day.  Somewhere in the middle of the six weeks, you had to go and pull a all-day Saturday duty somewhere.  Most of the guys in the group ended up doing chow-hall duty or park clean-up.  I was given the duty of the base recreation center.  Basically, I signed out canoes, camping gear, and whatever.  Over the eight hour period....I had a total of ten customers.  So I mostly sat around for the whole day.

I don't ever think of this period in negative terms....just that the six weeks passed awful quick, and one morning we did some march around some review stand, and then went back to the barracks to pack up.  It was over as quickly as it started.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

CNN's Special Analysis

 “The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us, the educated professionals who live in cities, who have cosmopolitan views about things.”

-- Fareed Zakaria (CNN)

CNN will be running a piece in the near future....which they gave a 'snip' of yesterday....entitled "Why Trump Won".

I's been almost nine month since the election, and CNN produces something like this now? It would have made sense in December to run a three-hour explanation and interview forty journalists and intellectuals, and tell some woeful epic story entitled "Why Clinton Lost".  Waiting nine months to do this?  Then from all the journalists with CNN....why Fareed Zakaria?  Did Zakaria get in an RV and travel around the US....realizing a whole different world out there?

If you had said twenty years ago that political lines would eventually form up about intellectuals and urban crowd versus the anti-intellectual and heartland crowd....most Americans (99-percent) would have laughed at the suggestion.  Yet here we are today, locked into a class rebellion.

What happened?

1.  Journalism changed in the period of the 1980s and 1990s.  Prior to the 1990s....if you wanted political got it basically on Sunday morning talk-shows via ABC, CBS, and NBC.  If you asked a hundred Americans in the period of 1985 who watched the shows....less than eight would raise their hand.

As cable-TV came along....networks like CNN appeared, and started to offer a few more hours of political dialog.  They found an audience receptive.  The big three reacted to the competition and delivered more political dialog....often siding with one particular party or agenda. The entire election of 2000 and 2004 became a focus topic....which MSNBC also stepped into the game, as did PBS.

The networks now are no longer news based....they are in the business of packaging an agenda and delivering it to you.

2.  Newspapers over the past twenty years have died off.  They were the only counter-balance to the network crowd.  To some degree, the New York Times, Washington Post, and five or six regional newspapers are the only counter-weight possible....but their theme or message is basically the same as the networks.  Time and Newsweek?  Both are valued as almost worthless and you could buy either for just a few million (the WaPo is in the same bucket if you check their value).

3.  Talk radio moved up to offer the counter-weight.  Across the AM dial....roughly 60-percent of the shows are conservative in nature, with the rest mostly offering commentary on regional or state issues (neutral).

4.  The internet became a focus point, where dozens of platforms also pump out political talk.  Some real....some fake.

You can pull up the map and examine the voting districts.  Urban areas voted for Hillary in significant numbers....non-metropolitan areas voted for Trump.  It's a 75-percent voting district win for Trump. If you go back to 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012 numbers....they tell the same story.  The Democrats haven't creeped up on 40-percent of the district voting since 1996.  President Obama won his two elections mostly by urbanized mass voting, and getting blacks registered, and coming out to vote.

So what is CNN's Zakara trying to tell?  I'm guessing that he's packaged an entire program for overseas viewers (those in France, Germany, and England) explain this anti-intellectual trend.

The curious thing, if you follow the German trends....a lot of viewers have simply turned off Channel One and Two (the public TV networks of Germany), and don't actively view the intellectual public forum shows that they've packaged up.  The anti-intellectual trend is already in progress in Germany....whether people can accept that or not.

I applaud CNN's effort here, but they might have done this eight months ago and it might have made more sense.