Thursday, 26 September 2019

What Is Accomplished Over the Next 120 Days?

Looking forward to October, November, December and January.....what exactly will Congress be able to achieve?  More or less nothing?

For the bulk of 2019, and then adding this 120 day period onto it......if this impeachment thing fails, then the record for the House members going home in summer of 2020 to campaign looks like crap. 

If they fail on this impeachment, will they go and find something else to impeach upon?  My guess is that you might actually see a second impeachment (if round one fails in January) by October. 

All of this will lead voters to question working ethics and achievements....then likely vote a hundred Democrats out of the House. 

Can you blame this upon Pelosi?  No, she's stuck with the players in the House, and it's their agenda....for better or worse. 

After Reading the Whistle-blower Complaint

Basically nine pages.....highly organized, and in a manner of a PhD thesis (something I found odd).  To write in this manner?  Well, something like this would have taken a minimum of forty hours, with proof-reading required. 

So, three basic observations:

1.  Almost all (I'd say near 98-percent) is second-hand information.  He heard it from so-and-so.  He heard this from another so-and-so.  So to me, as the IG over this....I'd just be shaking my head.  It's basically worthless, unless you forced each single first-hand individual to come in and give testimony.  The IG won't go to that extent unless there was something of value stolen or someone threatened. 

2.  The guy writes this a great deal.....'these events happened, but I don't know why'.  Again, that takes away any value to the complaint itself.  Maybe he should be President, and let others second-guess him?

3.  He has classification authority, which most mid-range or lower-ranking folks would not have.  But you have to ask the question.....the info that he took....he seemed to spend a lot of time on research.  I would be guessing over the period in question....he must have invested a minimum of eighty man-hours in writing and researching the entire 'event'.  So it begs the question....what exactly is this guy's full-time job?  I certainly (when working in the Pentagon) would never have had so much free time to do something like this. 

Value? sounds politically biased, and I have to wonder if he's capable of working for the President.  Maybe he's one of those folks who should just get a job with Google, write code, or run a car-rental shop at the airport.