Monday, 31 December 2018

The Truth About the Wall

After much thought, and pondering....I have come to five observations about the Trump-Wall.

1.  Upon reaching such a wall....if you are young and fit, you can probably scale the Wall.  Folks over the age of thirty...those in poor physical shape....won't be able to scale it.  In a way, it's sending a message, if you are an older guy, or a out-of-shape gal....don't bother attempting to sneak into the US.

2.  For the smuggler crowd who tended to lead folks through some 'secret' trail.....your entire strategy and long-term success is now dependent on scaling the wall.  The odds of taking twenty folks (paying customers) and getting them over the wall?  I might suggest that smuggler crowd will thin out and only those in the age group of 15 to 25 years old....will be smuggler 'bosses'.

3.  Somewhere along this whole wall business, I suspect that some sensors or detection devices will be installed, and it'll just add more difficulty in entering.

4.  A mythical 'legend' will start up over the wall.  Just in some fake legend-status.....folks will discuss the matter and start to have second thoughts of making the trip up to the border.

5.  At some point, Mexico will react, and have to build an entire wall along it's southern front, and start to protect it's own integrity.