Sunday, 28 April 2019

Mock Stuff

I noticed this in the news today....that Oxford University (the big-boy's university, for hefty intellectual types).... has discovered that young naive kids attending their college are a bit worried (filled with anxiety) over tests (who would figure that).

So, they found this remedy.  The month prior to the real test.....they intend to stage a practice-test (a mock test).  A full three hours....of fake-testing, to get you around to the point where you won't worry.

I sat and debated this idea. 

If this is such a good idea, why don't we have two practice-elections during presidential election years, say in the month of October, and just get everyone up to the level of accepting that their presidential candidate (maybe Hillary).....might lose.  Then maybe after the second'd reach a point where you realize it's best to just accept this situation, and just not get all freaked-out.

In fact, we could do the same way with employees being fired, by having a mock-firing the day get you around to the level of just accepting this. 

We could even go and have mock NCAA football games.....where a practice game was played between team A and B, and the loss in the practice game would get you to the point of accepting that as being 'OK'. 

Beto's Idea

At some point in the last couple of days, during a campaign stop....Beto O'Rourke (the Mexican-Irishman) spoke up and made a political promise to push for the 'establishment of farm-to-table restaurants in every community to combat poor nutrition'.

I sat and pondered over this.

First, is he actually saying that the government needs to get into the business of running their own brand of restaurants?  You in each county, there would be two or three public restaurants, with government guys in charge, and they'd be serving you food which only comes from local farms, and this would be in some format of great nutrition? 

So the cost of this nutritional dinner?  I know what it costs for a plate of catfish at the Catfish Cabin in Athens, Alabama (figure around $14 for the three fish plate).  For a Beto-plate special, with only local stuff and nutritional?  Maybe $20?  Maybe $24?

Second, if you hired up marginal cooks, and they just served ten people a day....would they shut down (like a normal bad restaurant would), or would they just get more government funding to stay open as a bad restaurant?

Third, what if people just won't eat a nutritional dinner?  What if you went up to a guy and offered up this low-calorie dinner, with high-salad use, and marginal taste?  Would a normal guy eat this nutritional dinner?  If he had the choice of a ribs-plate (thick on the sauce), with french fries (with a special dip), and a 32-ounce sugar drink?

Maybe Beto had good intentions, but this government-run type restaurant, based on only good nutrition....sounds like a pretty bad idea.