Thursday, 10 January 2019

Could Marvel's 'Black Panther' Win an Oscar?

A year ago....folks would have generally laughed over that suggestion.  But this weird year has occurred where there is no five-star movie leading all of the others, and some suggest that the dialog/script, along with the acting....might have carried the movie far enough.  In roughly ten days, the announcement will be listed on the nominees.  Some suggest it will be there as best picture nominee.

Was it that good of a movie?  Around eight months ago, I sat and watched it in a theater.  On the big screen, it really does well.  The dialog and story that unfolds?  To have thought that this comic book creation could go through several decades, and deliver itself in such a complete difficult to believe. 

The funny thing that Stan Lee and the Marvel team gave so much great storyline....that the studios have over twenty years of material available.  You could be looking at a dozen oscar winners over the next two decades, and a hundred movies....making literally billions upon billions.